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Meet the Faculty, Students, and Alumni

The social psychology program is composed of five core faculty members who directly supervise the doctoral students in our program and who offer seminars in social psychology (e.g., close relationships, social cognition, stigma, and intergroup relations). The program aims to provide students with expertise in the social psychology of health and well-being. Under this unifying mission, faculty and graduate students explore topics ranging from psychological and biological benefits of close relationships, social support, and acceptance, to the detrimental effects of exclusion, stigma, discrimination, and other social stressors.

Recent News: Social Psychology Faculty and Alumni

  • Heather Claypool is a co-PI on a 4-year NSF grant with Miami alum Dr. Michael Bernstein (Ph. D., 2010) to study the impact of social exclusion on stereotyping and individuation.
  • Allen McConnell is a co-PI on a 5-year NICHD R01 grant to study the therapeutic benefits of using therapy dogs with children suffering from traumatic brain injuries (the primary performance site is Cincinnati Children's Hospital).
  • Jeff Hunger is a Co-Investigator on a 3-year NHLBI R01 grant to study the impact of weight stigma on health behaviors.
  • Allison Farrell and Jeff Hunger were selected to participate in Phase II of the New Faculty Grant Planning and Support (GPS) program.
  • Allison Farrell and Jeff Hunger received support from the Provost's 2021 Faculty Enhancement Fund.
  • JJ Togans' research on cross-cultural comparisons of emoji use was featured as part of Miami University's Top News Stories.
  • Alejandro Trujillo (Ph.D., 2021) joined Proctor and Gamble as the Tide North America Analytics and Insights Manager in 2021.
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