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How To Apply

Web Courses (100% Online) and Web+ Courses
An application to the Graduate School is required, which will create a student record for you with Miami University. All steps must be completed or you will not be able to register. If you are interested in taking Web + courses, you should also reach out to the relevant AIP Sites to check on availability. Before starting your application, please know which term you will be able to start your coursework.

1. Complete the Graduate School Application

  • When beginning your application, please choose “Graduate Non-Degree.”
  • On the Admissions Information Non Degree page, you should choose:
    • What Program are you applying to? Non-Degree
    • Degree: CGS
    • Start Term: The term you will first take a course
    • Complete the remainder of the page with your information, moving on to the next page.
    • Be sure to review your information and make any necessary changes prior to submitting your application.
2. Once you receive your CGS admission letter from the Graduate School (or for those completing the re-enrollment application, once you receive notification that your re-enrollment has been processed), please:
  • Complete the CGS Admission Confirmation Form.
  • If you received a CGS admission letter you must also accept the offer of CGS admission following the instructions shared in your Graduate School admission letter.

Earth Expeditions Field Courses

The Earth Expeditions application is due annually on January 28. Accepted students apply to the Miami University Graduate School for non-degree-seeking CGS admission AFTER acceptance and placement in an Earth Expeditions course.

How To Register

After fully completing the steps shared above, further information will be sent to you, including a link to the registration form. All steps must be completed to alert us of your application and to create a student account with the university.