Clubs and Student Organizations

AIMS students are an inclusive and eclectic bunch that are highly engaged in what The Princeton Review calls Miami's "vibrant, social atmosphere". Miami has more than 450 student organizations including groups dedicated to community engagement, personal development, leadership, Greek life, diversity, spiritual development, professional development and over thirty intramural sports. Of those organizations, AIMS students are particularly involved in The Video Game Design Club (VGDC) and Kotawi Digital.

Video Game Design Club (VGDC)

The VGDC provides an opportunity for Miami University students interested in video game design to build community with each other and network with professionals in the field of electronic gaming. It is a group for people who are not just interested in playing games, but are interested in making games and learning how they are made. The group consists of artists, designers, and programmers interested in video game design.

Kotawi Digital

Kotawi Digital was born from an innovative concept. AIMS faculty are often approached by individuals and corporations interested in hiring AIMS students for freelance and consulting projects. In 2013, AIMS invested in launching Kotawi Digital, a student-run digital agency. Students work directly with clients to develop solutions and are paid by Kotawi for their work. It has proven to be an excellent way for AIMS students to get more real-world experience and network, and it has been an excellent way for employers to get work done and get to know our fantastic students.