Department of Art Faculty and Alumni Exhibition (Fall 2021)

Faculty and Alumni Exhibition

About the Exhibition


After a year and a half of limited viewing, Miami University Art Museum opened its doors fully for this quadrennial exhibition without the need to make a reservation so that art lovers can again freely engage with art in person. Also without reservation, faculty (current and emeritus) along with alumni had been busy creating new works and conducting original research for their contributions to this exhibition. Some artists and scholars responded to the world-wide pandemic, while others sought refuge through an introspective lens or reflected on the impact of other external forces. Not only does this represent the diversity of featured works, but also the very nature of artistic and scholarly creation – a response. 

The 55 individuals featured in this exhibition were given the opportunity to freely express themselves without the requirement of responding to a predetermined theme. Sixty-four pieces in this exhibition deliver an array of topics and meanings, through diverse forms, materials and presentation. As a result, the assemblage of work offers great depth. Each piece invites the viewer to look deep into personal and collective interpretations, and what it may say about the artist or scholar and the time in which it was created. 

In organizing this exhibition, submissions by current faculty, emeritus faculty and alumni are not paired by the artist’s affiliation with Miami University. Pieces are interwoven and arranged according to known or perceived contexts, as well as evident imagery, thus playing pieces off one another to inspire viewers to see connections. Arranging an exhibition of this format is akin to taking 64 puzzle pieces, each from a different puzzle, and assembling them to make a composite image. The result is an artistic and exploratory investigation of the creative spirit by the diverse and talented art faculty and alumni at Miami University.    

Special appreciation is extended to Robert Robbins, Chair of the Department of Art, for his commitment to this collaboration. Additional recognition goes to Logan Bowers, Curatorial Intern (Spring 2021), for her assistance in developing this exhibition. Final acknowledgment to Cassidy Gebhart, undergraduate Communication Design major, for the wonderful contemporary design of this exhibition catalog. 

Open Aug 24-Dec 11, 2021
Monday-Friday 10 AM-5 PM

Open Select Saturdays Noon-5 PM
9/25, 10/2, 11/6, 12/11

Featured Artists

Current Faculty:

Stephanie Baer | Stephanie Danker | Tracy Featherstone | Della Reams | Geoffrey Riggle | Robert Robbins | Dana Saulnier | Michael Stillion |Todd Stuart | Roscoe Wilson | Jennifer Yamashiro | Jon Yamashiro

Emeritus Faculty:

Larry Winston Collins | Susan R. Ewing | Jeannie Langan Heins | Robert Wolfe


Lorene Anderson | Andrea Barone | Erin Beckloff | Gary Beeber | Jeremy Blai | Jan C. Boone | Eric Scott England | Katherine J. Fries | Ann M. Gorbett | William E. Greene | Lucille A. Hautau | Tara Hayes | Pamela L. Hignite | David B. Johnson | Sarojini Jha Johnson | Kristen I. Ledbetter | Travis Linville | Susan Lynn Mahan | Thomas Maltbie | Michael May | Kim McAnnich | Robert Lee Mejer | Marjorie Morrow | Todd Mosley | Tim L. Parsley | Carrie E. Pate | Joseph Paushel | Julia Marie Pawlowski | Jill Sarver | Michael Seeley | Billy Simms | Alison A. Smith | Sherry Rogers Stoffer | Nicole Trimble | Jean Brandow Vance | Austin Wieland | Mark Williams | Ben Willis | Stephen Wolochowicz


Related Programming


Wed | Sep 8 | 6PM (In-person, MUAM)
Artists Talk: Honoring Myaamia Community through Letterpress Printing | Stephanie Danker, Associate Professor (Art Education) & Erin Beckloff, Alumna (Letterpress Printing) Co-sponsored with Art Education

Tue | Sep 14 | Noon (Virtual Lunchtime Talk)
Artist Talk: The Passion of Jewelry Making |
Lucille Hautau, Alumna (Jewelry)

WED | Sep 29 | 6PM (In-person, MUAM)
Artist Workshop: Creating Exquisite Corpse Comic | Billy Simms, Alumnus (Printmaking)

Tue | Oct 5 | Noon (Virtual Lunchtime Talk)
Artists Talk: Revealing Inspirations | Todd Stuart, Associate Teaching Professor (Arts Management) & Tara Hayes, Alumna (Painting/Art Ed.)

Thu | Oct 14 | 6PM (In-person, MUAM)
Artists Talk: Reflections | Robert Wolfe, Professor Emeritus (Painting & Printmaking) and Sarojini Johnson, Alumna (Printmaking) Co-sponsored with the Contemporary Artist Forum Series

TUE | Oct 26 | Noon (Virtual Lunchtime Talk)
Artists Talk: Influences & Evolutions | Artists David Johnson, Alumnus (Painting) & Mike May, Alumnus (Painting)

Wed | Nov 10 | 6PM (In-person, MUAM)
Artist Talk: Designer and Artist Fashion Collaboration | Della Reems, Assistant Professor (Fashion)

WED | Nov 17 | 6PM (Virtual)
Artist Panel: Reflections of the Lens | Gary Beeber, Alumnus (Photography) & Jeremy Blair, Alumnus (Photography/Art Ed.) Moderated by Jon Yamashiro (Photography)



All Programs are FREE & OPEN TO ALL.