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The AECOM Scholarship in Architecture was originally established by the URS Corporation (United Research Services) in 1995. In 2014 URS was acquired by AECOM Technical Services, Inc. who have kindly continued the scholarship since then. AECOM provides a broad range of technical services to federal and civilian agencies, including concept development and testing, through installation, implementation, assessment, logistics and supply chain management, operations and maintenance. The award is given to an architecture student and is based on academic merit. Consideration is given to supporting students from underrepresented groups and intended to support the recipient's professional development.


2021-22 Iyanna Johns
2020-21 Sam Charles
2019-20 Kendra Soler
2018-19 Kendra Soler
2017-18 DeAngela Weakley
2016-17 Austin Hogans
2015-16 Elizabeth M. James
2014-15 Elizabeth M. James
2013-14 Vincent M. Gregor
2012-13 Christopher Buie
2011-12 Juan D. Restrepo & Christopher Buie
2010-11 Christopher H. Pettis & Kristina M. Phillips
2009-10 Christopher H. Pettis & Richard D. Mandimika
2008-09 José M. Gutierrez
2007-08 Philip S. McCauley
2006-07 Laura Collins

AIA Ohio Foundation Scholarship

The AIA Ohio Scholarship is supported by the AIA Ohio Foundation that exists to further the experience of architecture in Ohio. In keeping with this idea, a primary agenda of the Foundation is to provide scholarships to students of architecture and facilitate the connection between the profession and future leaders. The AIA Ohio Foundation awards scholarships each academic year to students attending each of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited schools of architecture in the state of Ohio. AIA Ohio Foundation board members present this merit-based award to two students each year. Winners are often invited to the AIA Ohio Annual State Convention.

2021-22 Pankaj Nath Joy & Tanzim Rachana
2020-21 Sarah Barry & Brandon Dalessandro
2019-20 Siv DeBoom & Margaret Woolf
2018-19 Bin Sayeed Bakhti & Emma Pevoar
2017-18 Samah A. Yagoub & Michel Al Najm
2016-17 Mary Shoufan & Nazia Tarannum
2015-16 Jordan B. Neff-Estle & Laurel M. Himmel
2014-15 Fahmida Shamsuddin & Todd M. Yoby
2013-14 Adam R. Clark & Jeffery S. Barr
2012-13 Craig L. Genet & Mark K. Bailey
2011-12 NA
2010-11 Justin B. Hamill, Lindsay N. Fallert & Craig D. Heitger
2009-10 NA
2008-09 Leticia Calonge & Orin Kincade

Anil Mehra Memorial Scholarship

The Anil Mehra Memorial Scholarship is awarded in memory of Anil Mehra, the brother of Miami alum Pavan Mehra. Pavan graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from Miami University in 1987. He owns his own firm, PM Architects, based out of Hilliard, Ohio and since graduating has continued to stay active in the Miami University community, both as a volunteer and donor. He continues to proactively support the Masters of Architecture program but he defines his proudest connection to Miami as his daughter, Priya, a member of the Miami University Class of 2018. The Anil Mehra Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one or more students who has demonstrated outstanding performance while enrolled in the Master of Architecture program.

2021-22 Arundhuti Dey & Macy Whitaker
2020-21 Rachelle Casbeer & Emad Tubeileh
2019-20 Anna Ernst & Noushi Javadi
2018-19 Kate Ervin & Winfrey Nyarko
2017-18 Sara Musch
2016-17 Ashif Tanbin & Brad Reed
2015-16 Danyang Li & Samia A. Eid
2014-15 Mia T. Balzano
2013-14 Nada A. Shuaib
2012-13 Gowthami Srinivas Rao
2011-12 Anthony J. Santora

Alpha Rho Chi Medals

The Bronze Alpha Rho Chi Medal recognizes graduating architecture students for their leadership and service and what they offer the future of the profession. Established in 1931, Alpha Rho Chi believes strong leaders are just as essential as strong designers. The award was set up to recognize qualities not necessarily pertaining to studio and scholarship. The medal is presented to the graduating senior who has shown an ability for leadership, performed willing service for his or her school or department, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality.

2021-22 Julia Bohlen
2020-21 Kendra Soler
2019-20 James Mustillo
2018-19 Andrew Porten & Evan Warder
2017-18 Emily Waldinger & Erin Socha
2016-17 Rebecca Hughes & Lynn Belhumeur Leung Tuk
2015-16 NA
2014-15 Kathleen M. Klein

Architectural Research Centers Consortium King Research Medal

The ARCC King Student Medal is named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium. The ARCC is an international association of architectural research centers committed to the expansion of the research culture and supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines. It was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1976 and historically its members have been schools of architecture who have made substantial commitments to architectural research, often by forming centers directed to research programs. The award is given a student based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research.

2021-22 Emad Tubeileh
2020-21 Margaret Woolf
2019-20 Bin Sayeed Bakhti
2018-19 Samah Mahgoub
2017-18 Mary Shoufan
2016-17 Kamrun Naher Tithi

Association of Licensed Architects Design Award

The Association of Licensed Architects Student Merit Award is part of the broader ALA award program. The ALA supports architects and professions related to architecture, throughout their careers and was founded in 1999. Through its awards program it seeks to acknowledge undergraduate and graduate level architecture students who have exhibited exemplary achievements throughout the year. Each a graduate and undergraduate student receive a Lucite plaque and a complimentary one-year membership to the Association of Licensed Architects. At Miami the award is given to a student who pushes the boundaries of design.

2021-22 N/A
2020-21 N/A
2019-20 Bin Sayeed Bakhti & Alec James Fisette
2018-19 Michel Al Najm & Nicole Rusk
2017-18 Kenyon Osborne & Bryan Hicks
2016-17 Terri Lynn Wolfe & Rebecca Hughes
2015-16 Todd Yoby & Melisa Perez
2014-15 Nada A. Shuaib, & Caitlyn A. Steele

BTES Edward Allen Stewart Award

The Edward Allen Student Award is the highest honor given by the Building Technology Educators Society recognizing students – who over their academic career – have demonstrated commitment, passion, curiosity, and excellence in the integration of building technology and architectural design. Edward Allen FAIA is a recipient of the ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education. His books are read and used in universities and professional offices throughout the world. He was an inspiration in the founding of the BTES and graciously lent his name and support to this award. The mission of BTES is to promote and publish the best pedagogic practices, relevant research, scholarship, and other creative activity to facilitate student learning, advance innovation, and enhance the status of building technology disciplines in the profession at large.


2021-22 Kari Kruse
2020-21 Saumyabrata Roy

Champlin Architecture Scholarship

The Champlin Architecture Scholarship is kindly funded by Champlin Architecture, an American architectural firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The firm has designed buildings in the greater Cincinnati area and in other midwest cities. It was originally founded by Harry Hake Sr. (1871 – 1955), a prominent American architect in Cincinnati at the turn of the 20th century. His son Harry Hake Jr. and grandson Harry Hake III were also prominent architects and partners in his firm. Today, it is a full-service, 55-person architecture and design firm, that provides architecture, planning, and interior design services for healthcare, corporate, higher education, worship, and civic clients. Their merit-based award goes to Graduate students of architecture.

Charles E. and Elizabeth C. Stousland Architecture Scholarship

The Charles E. and Elizabeth C. Stousland Architecture Scholarship was established by family, friends, and colleagues of the Stouslands in 2004. Charles and Elizabeth came to Oxford in 1952 and met in the Theatre Department at the College of William and Mary. Mike was later responsible for the national accreditation of Miami's architectural degree and for initiating the Architecture Department's program of international study. He was an accomplished sculptor and serigrapher. Betty was President of the Oxford Arts Club and the Oxford League of Women Voters. She assisted in raising money for scholarships and sought to raise the profile of the arts in the community. Betty Stousland passed away in 1997, and Mike Stousland died in 2002. Their award goes to students based on academic merit.

2021-22 Niloofar Mousavi
2020-21 Sydney Marcum
2019-20 Hannah Peterangelo
2018-19 Irene Kapinga
2017-18 Grant J. Griffith
2016-17 Mukimul Khan
2015-16 John A. Freytag
2014-15 John-Edward A. Porter
2013-14 Abigail M. Schroeder
2012-13 Gregory B. Ter-Arutyunov
2011-12 Samuel D. Toland
2010-11 Brian R. Albrecht & Derek C. Gilley
2009-10 Jeremy Miller
2008-09 Jeremy Miller
2007-08 Matt Naylor

Earl Reeder Design Scholarship

The Earl Reeder Design Scholarship was awarded to architecture students in 2007-2008. The following year it was renamed the Earl Reeder College of Creative Arts Scholarship and dedicated to fund activities across the College. A proud Miami alumnus, Earl generously gives back to the University that provided him with an excellent education and preparation for a career in architecture. Like his grandmother Thelma Flanery Reeder, who attended Miami University in the 1920s, Earl Reeder believes in the importance of giving back to support future generations of Miamians. As an architect, musician, and patron of the arts, Earl Reeder embodies the spirit of the School of Creative Arts. He continues to support the Architecture and Interior Design Department in multiple ways, including generous donations to the Graduate Symposium each year.

2007-08 Elizabeth R. Clark, Hayley M. Porst & Amanda L. Wells

Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. Scholarship in Architecture

Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. Scholarship in Architecture was established by Clair E. Howey and Ronald H. Fanning. Clair is a 1958 graduate of Miami University. After graduating he worked with Ronald Fanning and Mr. Fanning's father. He is now the principal owner of Fanning & Howey Associates Inc., headquartered in Celina, Ohio. He is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, the American Institute of Architects and the National Society of Engineers. He has served on the American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Justice, as well as the Council of Educational Facility Planners. The scholarship is awarded to one or more students either studying or looking to study in the Department of Architecture and Interior Design. It is intended to support female students and is based on need and merit.

2021-22 Carol Aziz, Serena Olesinski, Sabina Cirstoiu, Karol Perez
2020-21 Carol Aziz, Olive Guess, Zoey Howard, Kaitlyn Jones & Ladonna Watkins
2019-20 Kylie Mackenzie Blovits & Britton Sherman 
2018-19 Kylie Blovits, Britton Sherman & La Donna Watkins
2017-18 Natalie E. Bernardo & Kayla M. Edwards
2016-17 Wesley M. Taylor, Erin C. Socha & Kevin M. Bechard
2015-16 Andrew R. Porten, Daniel R. Nolan, Blake L. Horsley, McKenna S. Martin, DeAngela B. Weakley & Clayton E. Musolff
2014-15 Austin B. Hogans, Wesley M. Taylor, Stephanie A. Cieslak & Vincent M. Gregory
2013-14 Noel H. Novak, Damien A. Watson, Tyler J. Akins, Ian W. Bennett, Siv L. Deboom, Ryan S. Halverson & Alexander C. Karkazis
2012-13 Collin J. Everett, Tyler J. Akins, Damien A. Watson & Jordan T. Odor
2011-12 Kevin B. Phaup, Soo-Young Yoon, John M. Fleming, Kathleen M. Klein & Ian W. Bennett
2010-11 Kevin B. Phaup, Christopher Buie, Juan D. Restrepo, Sophia A. Delgado, Hannah M. Pempus, & Rachel E. Sarvis
2009-10 Hannah M. Pempus, Margaret E. Mueller, Rachel E. Sarvis, Kevin B. Phaup, Andreya S. Veintimilla, Sarah B. Glenn & Kendall K. Claus
2008-09 Claire M. Showalter, Anna L. Peloquin, Sarah B. Glenn & Dustin L. Brugmann
2007-08 Anna L. Chifala, Sarah B. Glenn & Dustin L. Brugmann
2006-07 Natalya Ganyukova & Alex Libengood

Frank N. Meilan Memorial Scholarship

The Frank N. Meilan Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends of Frank N. Meilan upon his death in 1969. Frank Meilan graduated from Miami in 1961 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, and in 1962 received his Masters in City Design. The scholarship is given to Graduate students from our architecture program and thus supports our efforts to fully prepare students for work in practice. Adjudication being made by the faculty of the Department of Architecture. It is awarded to students for exceptional merit.

2021-22 Parker Antal
2020-21 Keenan Bellisari
2019-20 Macy Dana Whitaker
2018-19 Carmen Solano
2017-18 Rachel L. Staley
2016-17 Myunghyun Lee
2015-16 Diana M. Suarez
2014-15 Clayton E. Musolff
2013-14 Will A. Fagan & August A. Grasis
2012-13 Alison N. Kimborowicz
2011-12 Blaze H. Burke
2010-11 Tyler W. Rice
2009-10 JoePaul M. Luikart
2008-09 Timothy R. Horton
2007-08 Yuna Kubota

Fred C. Whitcomb Architecture Scholarship

The Fred C. Whitcomb Architecture Scholarship was established in 1949 by former students in memory of Professor Fred C. Whitcomb (1870-1946). Professor Whitcomb began his teaching career at Miami in 1906 and retired as professor and chairman of the Department of Industrial Education in 1941. Dr. Whitcomb helped establish the Miami chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity and was a member of the Oxford Board of Public Works during years of considerable expansion in the village. The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in the Department of Architecture, with a preference for Interior Design students.

2021-22 Olive Guess
2020-21 Britton Sherman
2019-20 Allison Brooks
2018-19 Alexis Klonk
2017-18 AnneMarie Morman
2016-17 Casey J. Liptak
2015-16 Annika G. Dodrill & Caroline M. Berlage
2014-15 Lindsey N. Pappalardo & Leah M. Gray
2013-14 Caroline E. Wallace & Lauren E. Bencivengo
2012-13 Hannah A. Thomas & Lila A. Wengler
2011-12 Meridyth A. Walston & Meredith A. McBride
2010-11 Meridyth A. Walston & Kaitlin J. Boso
2009-10 Alexandra J. Martillotta, Abigail M. Rudolph & Emily C. Frazer-Smith
2008-09 Molly B. Miller
2007-08 Theresa M. Ross & Sarah A. Parks
2006-07 Leslie Marticke

Hal Barcus Architectural Technology Scholarship

The Hal Barcus Architectural Technology Scholarship was established in 1982 by C. "Hal" Barcus and his wife, Jan. A graduate of the University of Illinois in 1947, Mr. Barcus became a Professor of Architecture at Miami in 1949. He has been responsible for designing many facilities on both the Miami and Western College campuses. Some of his designs include the dining hall at Western College, dormitories, libraries, churches, fraternity houses, and the Oxford Fire Station. Mr. and Mrs. Barcus were both very active over the years in professional and civic organizations. They had two sons in whose name we continue this fellowship, Harold and David Barcus. The Scholarship is awarded to a senior-level student whose work stands out for its concerns or expertise in environmental design and technological aspects of design.

2021-22 Nicholas Brooks
2020-21 N/A
2019-20 N/A
2018-19 N/A
2017-18 Mohamed O. Abushouk
2016-17 Brad Reed
2015-16 Mark A. Thomas
2014-15 N/A
2013-14 Ashley M. Snead
2012-13 Allen Yoder
2011-12 Ashley L. Shaver
2010-11 Kristopher R. Kunkel
2009-10 Curt M. Sparks
2008-09 Jeffrey T. Kruth
2007-08 Justin C. Vedder
2006-07 Nick Lavelle, Matthew Rowe & Taryn Nye

AIA Medal for Academic Excellence

Each year The American Institute of Architects awards an engraved medal to the top-ranking graduating student in each architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Formerly called "The School Medal" and the "Henry Adams Medal," the AIA program began in 1914 and was awarded for "general excellence in architecture." 

2021-22 Sarah Barry
2020-21 Anindita Laz Banti
2019-20 Emma Pevoar
2018-19 Michel Al Najm
2017-18 Kenyon Osborne
2016-17 Kamrun Naher Tithi
2015-16 Todd Yoby
2014-15 Matthew P. Willbur
2013-14 Mark K. Bailey
2012-13 Samuel Toland
2011-12 J. Brice Hamill
2010-11 Joshua Frick
2009-10 Alex Hogrefe
2008-09 Rachel Handel & Justin Vedder
2007-08 Taryn Nye
2006-07 Janine Mejia-Diaz & Jennifer Donnelly
2005-06 Lida Lewis
2004-05 Pradnya Madkaikar
2003-04 Matt King
2002-03 Manole Voroneanu
2001-02 Rocco Castellano
2000-01 Mark Thurnauer

AIA Certificate Graduate Award

Each year The American Institute of Architects awards a certificate of recognition to an exceptional student ranked number two from the graduating pool of any architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The AIA program began in 1914 and was awarded for "general excellence in architecture." 

2017-18 Award Discontinued
2016-17 Jordan Brooke Neff-Estle
2015-16 Fahmida Shamsuddin
2014-15 Adam R. Clark
2013-14 Sarah B. Glenn
2012-13 Elizabeth Nahrup
2011-12 Lindsay Fallert
2010-11 Leah DePriest
2009-10 Leticia Calonge
2008-09 Ted Christian
2007-08 Mathew Newbold & Adam Nelson
2006-07 Kelly Alter & Jeffrey Martin
2005-06 James Matthew Cottrill
2004-05 Nathan England
2003-04 Candy Carmel
2002-03 Chad Knight
2001-02 Andrew Cygan
2000-01 Vickie Anderson

Herb Hodgman Memorial Scholarship in Architecture

The Herb Hodgman Memorial Scholarship in Architecture was established in 1988 by James and Emily Hodgman in memory of their son, Herb, an alumni of Miami. Herb sadly passed away in January 1988 while playing squash. He received a B.S. degree in Environmental Design from Miami in 1982 and earned a Master's with honors from Yale University. He was employed by Booth Ansen & Associates, Architects & Planners. He was in the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and participated in the NCAA Big Brothers and the Ski Club. The merit-based Award in his name is given to a student in the architecture program.

2021-22 Keenan Bellisari & Whitney Lai
2020-21 Grace Griffith
2019-20 Riley Morgan Grills
2018-19 Rebekah Shoup & Anna Hendryx
2017-18 Mason P. Eagle & Timothy H. Sperling
2016-17 John Knauft & Bryan Hicks
2015-16 Nicole J. Rusk, Ellie C. Hayati & Victoria R. Barlay
2013-14 Rachel F. Cusack, Tohru Kamiya & Alison N. Kimborowicz
2012-13 Sophia A. Delgado & Madelyn C. Delgado
2011-12 Richard D. Mandimika, Michael A. Gospel & Stacy L. Kotula
2010-11 Brandon S. Jacobs, Stephanie M. Schill & Melanie P. Swartz
2009-10 Danielle M.Musselman, Zhuoran Xu & Alex Fritz
2008-09 Jennifer O. Dickerson, Brayton J. Orchard & Claire E. Hunter
2007-08 Claire E. Hunter, Michael J. Lowder & Jonathan M. Grubb
2006-07 Stephen Rader & Kevin Leciejewski

Howard E. Gartner Architecture Scholarship

The Howard E. Gartner Architecture Scholarship was established in 2000 in memory of Mr. Howard E. Gartner. Howard was a 1949 graduate of Miami University and majored in Architecture. His lifelong affiliation with the department and the university is reflected in this award. Howard sadly passed away on June 14, 1998. The scholarship was established two years later in his memory and aims to provide financial assistance to outstanding students who are majoring in architecture. His award is one of those in the Department that can be used to support a single student through their studies, being renewable for up to three consecutive years provided the recipient maintains a high GPA in his or her course work at the University. In recognition of the quality of student work across students in the Department it can also be shared by more than one winner.

2021-22 Meghan Ceccardi & Lea Yiannikouris
2020-21 Anna Hendryx & Mollie McNally
2019-20 Julia Grace Bohlen & Timothy Harrison Sperling
2018-19 Blake Kem
2017-18 Blake M. Kem & Andrew R. Porten
2016-17 Blake M. Kem
2015-16 Mason P. Eagle
2014-15 Isaac A. O'Bryan, Jenny A. Carborough & Brian Rains
2013-14 Lynn Belhumeur Leung Tuk, Madison S. Scheper, Clayton E. Musolff & Joshua F. Gabbard
2012-13 Stella E. Petroff, Xiaohan Su & Kaitleya A. Frost
2011-12 Katherine E. Rieger & Xiaoyi Peng
2010-11 John M. Fleming
2009-10 Brandon S. Jacobs & Michelle Steinman
2008-09 Zhuoran Xu & Brooke Y. Prouty
2007-08 John W. Mitros, Ryan A. Benson, Jennifer Dickerson, Sarah E. Pytlik & Carolyn LeCompte
2006-07 Brayton Orchard & Kyle J. Hoff

Jinbae and Hyunshin Park Interior Design Lecture Series

Jinbae Park was a faculty member in the Department of Architecture and Interior Design between 2000-2007. His wife, Hyunshin is an accomplished viola player and was a faculty member of Music Department at Miami University. Jinbae and Hyunshin have subsequently supported Miami in various ways. They set up an endowment for the Park Professorship ($300,000) to CCA, have been a generous donor to the Theatre Department ($25,000) for the Children's Theatre. Jinbae is a member of the College of Creative Arts Advisory Board. 'The Jinbae and Hyunshin Park Interior Design Lecture Series' provides the funding needed to bring back a series of successful interior design alums of the Department to share their experience in the profession with current students. Those lectures he has generously supported include:

Dan Mazzarini, class of 2003 [September 2016]
Amanda Carroll, class of 2004 [October 2016]
Shelli Decker, class of 2005 [October 2017]
Theresa Rosss, class of 2009 [September 2017]
Sarah Peterson, class of 2005 [September 2018]
Elle Gerdeman, class of 2009 [April 2019]

John Weigand Founder's Scholarship In Interior Design

John Weigand Founder's Scholarship in Interior Design was established by Robert Benson and Rosalyn Erat Benson in 2008. It honors the work of John Weigand, who designed the interior design curriculum and was instrumental in its success while still an active member of the department and serving as chair. Robert Benson joined the faculty of the Department of Architecture in 1985 and was appointed chair in 1992, a position he held until he served as interim dean of the College of Creative Arts during the 2006-07 academic year. Rosalyn Erat Benson was appointed Assistant Dean of the College of Creative Arts in 1987. During her tenure as Assistant Dean, she taught courses and directed productions in the Department of Theatre. She also represented the University advising community on the Liberal Education Council and was a member of its Summer Reading Committee, serving as its chair from 2005. The scholarship was awarded to one or more undergraduate students in Interior Design who demonstrate academic and/or artistic merit.

2021-22 Zoe Howard
2020-21 Eleanor M. Stall
2019-20 Suva Mendoza
2018-19 Anne Marie Morman
2017-18 Kylie M. Blovits
2016-17 Alicia Ammann
2015-16 Lauren R. Donges
2014-15 Alana Carson & Lauren R. Donges
2013-14 Madison M. Sabatelli
2012-13 Lisa J Buchholz & Gwendolyn S. Petrasko
2011-12 Kaitlin J. Boso
2010-11 Olivia S. Kern & Hillary A. Randall
2009-10 Mallory D. McDonagh & Stacy A. Evers

Joseph P. Veasey Award in Architecture

Joseph P. Veasey Award in Architecture was established by Joseph P. Veasey while he was a student at Miami. Joe reached the second year of his studies when he was diagnosed with leukemia on August 1, 2006, he established this scholarship to help future architecture students at Miami University and was able to present the first Joseph P. Veasey Award in person, but unfortunately, Joe lost his fight in November of 2007. The award continues today with the much-valued support of Joseph's parents, John and Sonia Veasey, and their family. Recipients of this award are selected by the second-year student body each year and it is awarded to a current student considered by their peers to embody the spirit of Joe in the support and generosity they offer their peers.

2021-22 Roman Marra
2020-21 Jennette Gaw & Suva Mendoza
2019-20 Jennie Gaw
2018-19 Cameron Rowe
2017-18 Ivan Dye
2016-17 Andrew Porten & Caroline Berlage
2015-16 Erin C. Socha
2014-15 Valeria M. Degutis & Ruben Victoria Bojalil
2013-14 Andrew M. Hubbard, Jessica L. Moeslein & Danielle C. Mulhearn
2012-13 Clayton T. Witt & Michael P Haynes
2011-12 Michael A. Bednar
2010-11 Kevin B. Phaup
2009-10 Justin T. Willard
2008-09 Jared C. White
2007-08 Sara J. Katz

Mildred Zurbrick Bishop Scholarship

Mildred Zurbrick Bishop Scholarship was established by Frances Zurbrick Mason in honor of her sister, Mildred Zurbrick Bishop. Mildred graduated from Miami in 1937 receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree with a major in Environmental Design and a minor in Fine Arts. She was the first woman graduate in the architecture program at Miami University. She was a member of Chi Omega sorority. Her sister, Frances also graduated from Miami in 1941, receiving a B.S. degree in Education with a major in English Literature. She was a member of Chi Omega sorority, Delta Phi Delta and Kappa Delta Pi Honoraries, and the Liberal Arts Alethenai. The scholarship is awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior class female student in the department who demonstrates both financial need and academic merit.

2021-22 Sophia Blatnik & Kortney Geiger
2020-21 Esther Amonor & Hannah Maule
2019-20 Esther Adjoa Amonor, Sophia Nancy Blatnik & Anna Hendryx
2018-19 Esther Amonor & Grace Griffith
2017-18 Katherine A. Kelley & Olivia L. Leary
2016-17 Jenny Scarborough & Margaret Woolf
2015-16 Olivia L. Leary, Jenny Scarborough, Austin B. Hogans, Jessica L. Sherlock, Marlyka D. Williams & Sarah J. Yeo
2014-15 Erin C. Socha, Margaret E. Woolf, Emily L. Waldinger, Jessica L. Sherlock, Victoria R. Barlay & Rebecca F. Hughes
2013-14 Jessica L. Sherlock, Alexzandria D. Walters, Marlyka D. Williams, Brooke E. Adams, Jessica L. Moeslein & Alexandra L. Kizer
2012-13 Jennifer A. Karbula, Mei Li Price, Anne Kuruc, Katelyn A. Knipfing, Kelly D. McCaffrey & Ramune Bartuskaite
2011-12 Margaret E. Mueller, Hannah M. Pempus, Paula M. Restrepo, Madelyn C. Delgado, Halley M. Novak, & Jennifer A. Karbula
2010-11 Paula M. Restrepo,Soo-Young Yoon, Elizabeth M. Schwerman, Dianna Ng, Laura J. Murray & Cassidy L. Pierce
2009-10 Soo-Young Yoon, Kaley M. Bartosik, Stephanie M. Schill, Laura J. Murray & Joanna Wozniak
2008-09 Danielle M. Musselman, Rachel E. Sarvis, Cassidy L. Pierce, Anna L. Peloquin, Elizabeth A. Lavelle, Andreya S. Veintimilla, Sarah B. Glenn & Carissa E. Smith
2007-08 Rachel A. Momenee, Joanna Wozniak & Anna M. Jurs
2006-07 Yuna Kubota, Lisa Hirtzel & Rebecca Lee

Northwest Ohio Scholarship in Architecture & Interior Design

The Northwest Ohio Scholarship in Architecture and Interior Design is meant to provide both financial aid to students from NW Ohio and to increase awareness of career opportunities that exist in this region for graduates of the School of Architecture and Interior Design. While the scholarship has been generously supported by many Alumni in the Toledo region a significant portion has been generously donated by the Hollenbeck Family in honor of Pamela A. Hollenbeck, '70. Pam spent her life as a devoted mother, advocate for peace and justice, teaching artist and, beginning with their marriage in 1968, a vital and inspirational partner to the career of her architect husband Paul '70. Various criteria are used in awarding this inspiring scholarship to support either married students or students from Northwest Ohio.

2021-22 Claire Bateson, Katie Rothhaar & ssuva Mendoza
2020-21 Suva Mendoza & Katie Rothhaar
2019-20 Anindita Laz Banti (special category: married student) & Sydney Randolph
2018-19 Anika Anisha (special category: married student)
2018-19 Alison Borgerding & Ivan Dye
2017-18 Alison P. Borgerding & Nicole Rusk
2016-17 Ivan Dye & Olivia Leary
2015-16 Noah E. Schurr, Sofie M. Vermeulen & Reed M.Gerber
2014-15 Kaley Sobanski, & Sarah J. Yeo
2013-14 Kaley Sobanski, Morgan Richard, Lauren Mitro, Sofie Vermeulen & Reed Gerber
2012-13 Kaley M. Sobanski, Lauren T. Mitro, Nicholas D. Strause & Matthew S. Simkus
2011-12 Michelle C. Steinman
2010-11 Michelle C. Steinman, Stacy Kotula, Matthew Simkus & Kevin Stuckey
2009-10 NA
2008-09 Rachel A. Momenee & Mary K. Dickerson

Joel H. Osterman Scholarship in Interior Design

OstermanCron/Kimball Office Scholarship in Interior Design was established in 2010 by the interior design firm OstermanCron and the furniture supplier, Kimball Office. It is given to recipients defined as well-rounded, ethical, and highly engaged in service-oriented activities, all traits that reflect the values of OstermanCron and Kimball Office. OstermanCron is based in Cincinnati and has done a great deal of design work for Miami University across its Oxford campus. Owners, Keith Cron and Joel Osterman are not Miami alumni but felt that establishing this scholarship was an appropriate way to acknowledge their relationship with Miami. Kimball Office has partnered with OstermanCron on its Miami Projects. The award is given to a student who has completed the second-year studio in interior design with high academic standing.

2021-22 Eleanor Stall
2020-21 Danielle Young
2019-20 Danielle Young
2018-19 Alison Brooks
2017-18 Carolyn Berlage
2016-17 Lauren Donges
2015-16 Alana N. Carson
2014-15 Lila A. Wengler & Hannah A. Thomas
2013-14 Lila A. Wengler & Hannah A. Thomas
2012-13 Madison M. Sabatelli & Catherine Hammerschmidt
2011-12 Stephanie D. Metzger & Hannah L. Khederian
2010-11 Brittany M. Boyne & Mallory D. McDonagh

Potter/Maxfield/Wertz Architectural Design Award

The Potter-Maxfield-Wertz Architectural Design Award is a scholarship established in 1987 by a bequest from the estate of Janis C. Lillie '41, in memory of her husband, Colonel William Henry Lillie Jr. '41 and members of the architecture faculty, R.S. Potter, David B. Maxfield, and W.W. Wertz. Mr. Lillie, an architect major from Conneaut, left Miami his senior year to serve as a captain in the United States Army Air Corps. He returned in 1944 to complete his studies, graduating February 3, 1945. He was president of Delta Upsilon, a member of Delta Phi Delta, an art honorary, and a cheerleader for three years. A member of Tribe Miami, he played baseball for three years. At the time of his death in 1984, he was an architectural consultant. Janis C. Lillie was an education major from Shelby. She was a member and rush chairman of Alpha Omicron Pi and a member of the YWCA. Preference in awarding this merit-based scholarship goes to a junior majoring in architecture.

2021-22 Julia Nawa
2020-21 N/A
2019-20 Taylor Gray Luehr
2018-19 Holly Reising
2017-18 James J. Mustillo
2016-17 Evan Warder
2015-16 Joao Nobrega
2014-15 Madison Scheper
2013-14 Collin J. Everett
2012-13 Halley M. Novak
2011-12 Allison C. Wilke
2010-11 NA
2009-10 Adrian Bonnin
2008-09 Amy L. Danielsons
2007-08 Amy E. Kessler

Richard H. and Leila Hentzen Smith Scholarship

Richard H. and Leila Hentzen Smith Scholarship was established by Richard and Leila Henzen Smith in 2000 both alumni from Miami with very fond memories of their time here. Richard graduated from the Department of Architecture and Leila from the Department of Art. Reflecting this, their Scholarship alternates between these two departments, with the award going to Architecture and Interior Design students on even years and Art students on odd years. Sadly, Richard passed away in December of 2015. The Department of Architecture and Interior Design scholarship is earmarked for undergraduate students majoring in architecture, regardless of class year, who display noteworthy talent in architectural design.

2021-22 Gregor Tillman
2020-21 N/A
2019-20 N/A
2018-19 N/A
2017-18 Evan R. Warder & Blake L. Horsley
2016-17 Lei Tan
2015-16 Aditya Bali
2014-15 Myunghyun Lee
2013-14 David A. Burns
2012-13 Katherine E. Rieger & Frances B. Ely
2011-12 Alexandra E. McCarthey
2010-11 Ellen M. Crawford
2009-10 Colleen J. McGinnis & James A. Day
2008-09 NA
2007-08 John G. Simenic, Claire M. Milliman & Emily A.

Rudolph Frankel Memorial Award

Rudolph Frankel Memorial Award is a scholarship established in 1974 to honor Professor Emeritus Rudolph Frankel. Rudolph Frankel was born on June 14, 1901, in Neisse, Germany. After graduation from the University of Berlin, Frankel started practicing architecture with his father in Berlin, Germany. In 1950, at the age of 49, he joined Miami's faculty as a Professor of Architecture. Professor Frankel retired from teaching in 1968 and passed away on April 25, 1974. The scholarship is awarded annually to a junior graduate student in architecture who has demonstrated high capability and excellence with an interest in community or urban design.

2021-22 Soniha Nuzrat
2019-20 Saumyabrata Roy
2018-19 Moumita Banik Mou
2017-18 Ruben Victoria Bojalil
2016-17 Michel AlNajm
2015-16 Nicholas M. Hansford
2014-15 Sanghee Rhie
2013-14 Allen Yoder
2012-13 Adam R. Clark
2011-12 Jennifer A. Cahill
2010-11 Vidya Ravi
2009-10 Daniel R. Lapinski
2008-09 Victor G. Miely
2007-08 Leticia D. Calonge
2006-07 Amanda Schmaltz

Sanford Z. Friedman Architecture Scholarship

The Sanford Z. Friedman Architecture Scholarship was established by Sanford and Karol Friedman in 1999. Sanford received his BS in Architecture in 1955 and his Master of City Design from Miami in 1957. He enjoyed a long and successful career in the profession and served as the President and CEO of Wonderland Holding Corp. The annual scholarship is given to an architecture major in an advanced stage of their studies based on academic merit, with emphasis typically on graduate students in the first year of studies at Miami whose works demonstrates a concern for community or urban design. Emphasis is further placed on high capability and excellence in design.

2021-22 Zoe Renaldy
2020-21 Julia Bohlen
2019-20 Holly Grace Reising
2018-19 Molly Burns
2017-18 Jena E. Drago
2016-17 Isaac O'Bryan
2015-16 Madison S. Scheper
2014-15 Collin J. Everett
2013-14 Halley M. Novak
2012-13 Paula M. Restrepo
2011-12 Brandon S. Jacobs & Brian J. Cash
2010-11 Gabrielle M. Steffel, Adrian Bonnin & Erin M. Lindquist
2009-10 Amy L. Danielsons
2008-09 Jennifer L. Peterson, & Yuna Kubota
2007-08 Brett W. Roeth

Schmidt Creative Art Scholarship-Architecture and Interior Design

The Schmidt Creative Art Scholarship-Architecture and Interior Design was set up by William and Casiana Schmidt. It is part of a suite of scholarships generously funded by William and Casiana Schmidt across the College of Creative Arts. Although neither William and Casiana is an alumnus of Miami University, they have embraced Miami and its students, faculty, and administration, and, in establishing this scholarship, they further enhance this exceptional relationship. They first began their relationship with Miami University in the spring of 2009 when they established the Ohio Schmidt Youth Vocal Competition at Miami, a competition that represents the Schmidts’ passion for music and their desire to encourage and nurture young people in the arts. It is one of many such competitions sponsored by the William E. Schmidt Foundation, Inc. (Schmidt Foundation) across the country. The award is given to students who maintain good academic performance and is intended to provide students in the arts with the ability and encouragement to pursue their goals.

Sterling Cook Scholarship

Sterling Cook Scholarship honors the work of Sterling Cook in creating the Art Center in Rowan Hall at Miami University’s Oxford Campus. Sterling Cook first came to Miami University in 1954 as a graduate student in the Art Department, receiving his MFA in 1957. In 1956, he was appointed to the position of librarian for the Art and Architecture Departments until 1972. He then worked with the Development Office to create an art museum for the University, a vision that became a reality in 1978. Sterling was appointed its first curator and remained in that position until his retirement in 1986. He sadly passed away on July 19, 2002. The scholarship that bears his name was instigated by Larry W. Richards from the University of Toronto with generous support from the architect for the Miami University Art Museum Walter Clark Netsch and his wife, Dawn. The award is split across departments in The College of Creative Arts, with the award in the Department of Architecture and Interior Design going to students based on financial need and merit.

2021-22 Justin Smith
2020-21 Iyanna Johns
2019-20 Whitney Ying Lai
2018-19 Tim Sperling
2017-18 Alec J. Fisette
2016-17 Rachel Staley
2015-16 Rebecca F. Hughes
2014-15 Adelaide C. Mackintosh
2013-14 Adelaide C. Mackintosh
2012-13 Stuart P. Spaulding
2011-12 Jordan N. Osborne & Damien Watson
2010-11 Danielle M. Musselman
2009-10 John W. Mitros, Anna L. Chifala, & Gonzalo Martinez
2008-09 NA
2007-08 Lucas Goldbach, Alex N. Libengood & Greg Ter-Arutyunov

Top of Class Book Awards

Top of Class Book Awards are given to graduating students each year from the Architecture and Interior Design programs. The books are carefully selected to match the interests of the winners by Sergio Sanabria, the department’s specialist in the history of architecture. Funds are provided by the department and it is hoped that the award supports the intellectual development of the students as they continue their studies or begin work. This merit-based award is determined by GPA.

2021-22 Britton Shermon & Grace Griffith
2020-21 Kylie Blovits & Holly Reising
2019-20 Blake Kem & Annie Morman
2018-19 Natalie Bernado & Nicole J. Rusk
2017-18 Jenny A. Scarborough & Lauren R. Donges
2016-17 Madison Scheper & Alana Carson

Visiting Critic Engagement Fund

The Visiting Critic Engagement Fund was kindly established by Tom Dunlap and Doug McKean. Friends since their first days as classmates in the Department of Architecture, Tom and Doug have stayed strongly connected to the Department. Having benefited from the Visiting Critic Program during their time at Miami (1973 - 1981), their Visiting Critic Engagement Fund supports expenses related to the active engagement of accomplished architects, designers, and other professionals, both alumni and non-alumni, for on and off-campus learning opportunities. Their fund supports students every year but they have also periodically led Alumni Traveling Studios, bringing together their respective skills in architecture, sustainability (including the consideration of people, planet and profit), and real estate development:

Fall 2006. Traveling Studio: Mixed-use High Rise, West 42nd St. w/Theater
Architecture and Development

Fall 2005. Traveling Studio: Mixed-use High Rise in NYC, South Street Seaport

Spring 2005. Traveling Studio: Mixed-use High Rise in NYC, Architecture and Development, Frontier Restaurant Site

Walter C. Pfeiffer Architecture Scholarship

Walter C. Pfeiffer Architecture Scholarship was established through a bequest from the estate of Mr. Walter C. Pfeiffer. Walter was born in Hamilton, Ohio, and graduated from Miami University in 1936, majoring in architecture. While at Miami, he helped to produce the Recensio yearbook. He was an architect in private practice in Morristown, New Jersey from 1955 and specialized in the design of Georgian-colonial style buildings. He served in the New Jersey National Guard and was a member of the Spring Valley Hunt Club and the volunteer fire company. He also served on the board of directors of the National Horse Show in Madison Square Gardens. Walter sadly died on January 10, 1994 and was survived by a daughter, Mrs. Karen Mendenhall, and a son, Carl. The merit-based scholarship in Walter’s name is awarded to one or more undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Architecture and Interior Design.

2021-22 Sydney Marcum & Lauren Rauch
2020-21 Kelly Horvath & Lauren Rauch
2019-20 Clayton Thomas Arvin & Claire Anne LaFrance
2018-19 Julia Bohlen, Elliott Jones Boyle, Alec Fisette, James Mustillo & Anna Soryal
2017-18 Willow M O'Keefe, Shuting Chen & Anna T. Ernst
2016-17 Joao Guilherme Nobrega de Castro, Blake Horsley, Jena Drago & Kari Kruse
2015-16 Isaac A. O'Bryan, Emily L. Waldinger, Margaret E. Woolf, Bryan A. Hicks & Kevin M. Bechard
2014-15 Kaitleya A. Frost, Xiaohan Su, Alexandria D. Walters, David A. Burns, Matthew J. Watt & Jessica L. Moeslein
2013-14 Kaitleya A. Frost, Xiaohan Su, Xiaoyi Peng, Michael G. Norris & Anne Kuruc
2012-13 Xiaoyi Peng, Michael G. Norris, Jordan N. Osborne, Emma C. Margerum-Leys & Michael A. Bednar
2011-12 Joshua A. Balaskas, Justin L. Ping, Jordan N. Frazin, Stuart P. Spaulding & Michael G. Norris
2010-11 Ziling Yan, Justin L. Ping, Mei Li Price, Kaley M. Bartosik & Zhuoran Xu
2009-10 Michael A. Gospel, Melanie P. Swartz, Elizabeth L. Gray, John R. Welsh, Ellen M. Crawford & Jennifer O. Dickerson
2008-09 James A. Day, Ryan A. Benson, Alex N. Libengood, Kyle J. Hoff & Douglas J. Morgan
2007-08 Brayton J. Orchard, Spencer B. Kroll & William T. James
2006-07 Andrea Bryan, Meagan Dickemann, Curt Sparks, Gregory Ter-Arutyunov & Kyle Coburn

Warren C. and Nancy W. Howard Memorial Scholarship

The Warren C. and Nancy W. Howard Memorial Scholarship was established in 1986 in honor of Warren C. and Nancy W. Howard. It as set up by their daughters, Cynthia L. Howard and Lisa Howard Lindstrom. Warren graduated from Miami University in 1946 and after graduation pursued a career as an architect. He learned to fly at the Miami University airfield, later becoming a pilot during World War II. Nancy graduated from Miami University in 1947 and was active in community theater, the YWCA, and the Trumbull County Historical Society. Describing themselves as a "Miami merger", the Howards were married in 1949. The scholarship in their name is awarded based on merit to a student majoring in architecture.

2021-22 Cameron Mussay & Lauren Cameron
2020-21 Sophia Blatnik & Whitney Lai
2019-20 Marissa Andrews & Kathryn Ervin
2018-19 Dominic Casuccio & Mazharul Islam
2017-18 Rachel F. Cusack & Md Abdul Kader
2016-17 Kenyon Osborne
2015-16 Rania A. Karamallah & Kamrun Naher Tithi
2014-15 Szymon L. Szczyrba & Jordan T. Odor
2013-14 Matthew P. Willbur & Kenny A. Levick
2012-13 Caylan M. Evans & Alex P. Jaskowiak
2011-12 Zhiqiang Ge, Elizabeth A. Nahrup & Chrisna M. Smith
2010-11 Samuel D. Toland, Elizabeth A. Nahrup, Gillian M. Stechschulte
2009-10 Joshua J. Frick, Melanie D. Buelow & Ryan J. Baker
2008-09 Angie Miller
2007-08 Alex Hogrefe, Orin Kinkade, Rachel Handel & Mandy Schmaltz
2006-07 Lucas Goldbach, Brett Roeth, & Michael Lowder

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