Senior Design Projects

Senior Design Projects (2020-2021)

Wheelchair Arm Assistance

Faculty advisor: Dr. Mark Sidebottom (MME)

Team Members: Minh Duc Hoang, Summer Libecap, Ayushya Saraswat, & Andrew Schlichter

Project description: To design a modification to a wheelchair to assist a wide-range of individuals, such as those with visual impairments and cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's disease, that provides assistance and protection to a user's arms as they travel through doorways or other tight space areas.

Project goals:

  • To develop an alert system to notify the user and the caretaker about an incoming tight space when they are about 1-meter far from the tight space
  • To develop a self-propelling system for the individuals who are able to propel without any help, to go through tight spaces with just using the lever arm

Development of an Optimized Lacrosse Glove

Faculty advisor: Dr. Yingbin Hu (MME)

Team Members: Bennett Eagle, Allison Hoellrich, Conor Moore, & Sterling Weatherford

Project description: Design a lacrosse glove for a customer who has only a single finger and no hand on one of his arms as a result of a birth defect.

Project goals:

  • Design a specialized lacrosse glove to allow the customer to manipulate a lacrosse stick at the same level as a full-abled lacrosse player

COVID-2 Wrist Temperature Scanner

Faculty advisor: Dr. Edgar Caraballo (MME)

Team Members: Nadia Elayan, Carmella Bate, Ryan Stevens, & Wen Yang

Project description: Our design team, COVID-2, has designed a hand thermometer scanner to be used at the entrance of elementary schools across the nation in order to slow down the spread of Covid-19. The use of the thermal body temperature is one the quickest ways to notice a possible infected person, both Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. This is a solution that is both safe and easy for the use of elementary kids to be used everywhere.

Project goals:

  • To create a prototype of a hand thermometer
  • To test the prototype at Oxford's Kramer Elementary School
  • To use results from preliminary experimental testing to improve and develop a final design for elementary schools across the nation to help slow down the spread of Covid-19

Development of a Covid-19 Mask for Drinking

Faculty advisor: Dr. Giancarlo Luigi Corti Calderon (MME)

Team Members: Claire Berry, McClain Brown, Alyssa Stavros, & Ziqi Zhao

Project description: The development of a mask that is designed which helps stop the spread of Covid-19. This design is intended to help the spread of Covid-19 by adding an extra layer of protection from germs while one is drinking. This mask is intended to be worn with the hole closed until one is drinking. The hole can then be opened while drinking is occurring, creating only a small opening to reduce the amount of germs passing through during the drinking process.

Project goals:

  • To ensure the mask performs effectively when being used during common activities
  • To minimize the amount of germs passing through during the drinking process
  • To provide ease of use and comfort for the user

Development of a Rehabilitative Balance Device

Faculty advisor: Dr. James Chagdes (MME)

Team Members: Javier Fernandez, Tom Linnemann, Cristian Moreno, & Abed a Mousa

Project description: Balance boards are commonly used to improve balance if individuals with underlying balance problems. This project aims to develop a robotic balance device that assess fall-risk and rehabilitates balance by manipulating the sensory feedback of the patient.

Project goals:

  • To develop a robotic balance board capable of manipulating proprioceptive, vestibular, and visual feedback during human balance
  • To minimize the size and cost of the rehabilitative system
  • To ensure safety of patients using this equipment

Blood Pressure Waveform Senior Design Project

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amit Shukla (MME)

Undergraduate Researchers: Paige Derwenskus, Laura Mayer, Kevin Pritchett, Clark Reinfranck, & Sarah Seatter

Project Description: The production of an accurate blood pressure waveform for three different age groups (young, middle aged, old) using an Arduino microcontroller and Code generated by Spyder (an offshoot of Python). This code and controller system will be connected to a compressor and solenoid valve module which will simulate the pumping of blood through a synthetic arm with synthetic arteries. The arteries will be fabricated by the team using an elastomer and they will be designed based on the result of copious elastomer testing.

Project Goals:

  • To develop an accurate representation of blood pressure waveform for three aforementioned age groups
  • The fabrication of synthetic arteries
  • The measurement values from blood pressure cuff attached to synthetic arm
  • The development of a non-invasive way to calibrate and measure blood pressure