Environmental Engineering Minor

An environmental-based senior design project featuring Lowell Bieber and Andrew VolletThe Environmental Engineering minor provides an understanding of basic chemical and environmental engineering principles, concepts, and methodologies and how they are applied to the design and performance of unit operations and processes for energy generation and pollution treatment and control.  

Students studying the Environmental engineering minor will apply the concepts of chemistry, biochemistry, physics and mathematics to solve problems related to energy and the environment.  

For example, students will gain an understanding of the fate and transport of pollutants in the environment; they will identify and understand the design concepts in unit operations involved in drinking water and wastewater treatment processes; they will understand how to apply mass and energy balances to assess opportunities for pollution prevention in industrial processes; and they will gain the perspective of sustainability from three viewpoints: economic, environmental, and social.  

In addition, students will become familiar with many of the US Environmental laws and regulations as well as global environmental issues, including greenhouse gases and climate change, ozone depletion, acid rain, and urban haze, among others.

Environmental Engineering Minor

Environmental Engineering Minor Coursework