Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award

The Arthur Olson Generational Teaching Excellence Award

College of Engineering and Computing at Miami University

The Arthur Olson Generational Teaching Excellence Award is named in honor of Arthur Andrew Olson, Sr. and Arthur Andrew Olson, Jr. by their namesake grandson/son:  Arthur Andrew Olson III – a 1972 Systems Analysis graduate from Miami University’s College of Engineering and Computing.

All three individuals pursued a business career closely tied to the United States government’s recognition of the pivotal importance of technology in the prospering growth of the country’s economy and the welfare of its citizens; all three individuals were/are registered intellectual property attorneys.

The elder Olsons rose to prominence regionally and nationally as senior partners in the intellectual property firm which eventually bore both of their names during the course of the 20th century (from Olson, Mecklenburger, Von Holst, Pendleton & Neuman to Neuman, Williams, Anderson & Olson), and established themselves individually as professionals highly regarded for professionalism and excellence amongst their peers and clients. Through their work on behalf of individual inventors as well as highly regarded Fortune 500 corporations, these individuals established and protected the intellectual property rights of their clients while helping to shape the United States government’s intellectual property policies so critical to the advancement of technology and the standard of living of its citizens.

Beyond their excellence as professionals, they were good and decent men who, through their commitment to family-oriented values, contributed to the future of this country by similarly developing in their offspring the same sense of professional excellence and family-oriented values which in turn will be perpetuated by generations of individuals unseen and unknown by them.

This award, then, recognizes that teaching excellence is measured both by objective standards of mastery of technological material and the subjective ability to cogently and enthusiastically convey and interpret the essence of such material to a new generation of students and world citizens standing at the threshold of technological innovation and excellence of which they will be a part.

Award established September, 2004