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Dice manufacturing in a labThe primary mission of the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering is to provide quality graduates to meet the needs of industry and society. The Department provides graduates with in-depth education in mathematics, basic science, engineering science and design, as well as a broad education in computing, business, and the liberal arts. Principles of professional practice, ethical leadership, and good communication are emphasized. The Department is committed to excellence in undergraduate education: student learning, classroom effectiveness, student advising, assessment, and continuous improvement.

Challenges in contemporary society and industry are not only technical in nature, but also social and economic.These needs are served through the development of of superior students and faculty. The three programs offered by the department provide provides students with additional and distinctive depth in manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, or engineering management with a manufacturing specialty, depending on the student's major. Common courses among the three programs, specifically in the design threads, provide students with unique opportunities to experience interdisciplinary teamwork and to learn about and understand related areas of engineering.

In the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, faculty development is considered an essential part of educating students. In order to provide students with the best education in state-of-the-art technologies and engineering methods, the faculty regularly attend professional conferences, workshops and seminars, conduct research, and participate in continuing education courses involving educational techniques and new technologies.

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering contributes to Miami University's mission to serve the community, state, and nation. Miami educates men and women for responsible, informed citizenship, as well as for meaningful employment. The department provides instruction in science and engineering to students that are members of a larger community engaged in liberal education. The department supports the Miami Plan and the Honors Program by providing minors, honors and foundation courses, thematic sequences, and a capstone experience. The Department also has strong multidisciplinary activities with the Departments of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering, as well as the Farmer School of Business, Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies, and other programs within the University. These activities enhance students' education and provide excellent opportunities for the faculty and students to engage with other scholars.

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Garland Hall, Room 56
650 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056