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CSE Graduate Handbook - 2023-24

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Topics include:
  • CSE Graduate Programs
  • Application Process
  • Pre-requisites
  • Admission Types
  • Assistantships

2. Requirements

Topics include:

  • Research Requirements
  • Course Requirements
  • Seminar Attendance
  • Final Exam Requirements
  • Minimum GPA Requirement

3. Graduate Student Conduct

Topics include:

  • Ethical and moral responsibilities as a student
  • Plagiarism definition
  • Student resources
  • Software resources

4. Advising

Topics include:

  • Advising for New Students
  • First-Semester Advisor
  • Research Advisor

5. Thesis Requirements

Topics include:
  • CSE 700 Requirements
  • Distinction Between CSE 690 and CSE 700
  • Graduate Research - Thesis:
    • Proposal Deadline Policy
    • Research Phase Continuous Enrollment Requirement
    • Suggested Timeline
    • Thesis Organization
    • Submission of Final Copies
    • Housekeeping Tasks

6. Resources

Topics include:
  • Benton Hall
  • Graduate Study Room and Graduate Assistant Offices
  • Computing Accounts
  • Library
  • Web Pages of Interest
  • Resources for "All But Thesis" Students

7. Program Administration

Topics include:

  • Administrators of the Graduate Programs
  • Graduate Committee
  • Student Advisory Committee

8. CSE Faculty

CSE Faculty Directory includes:

  • Listing of all Faculty/Staff
  • Individual Faculty profiles with biographical information, research interests, and recent publications and awards.

9. Course Descriptions

The Course Description folder includes:

  • A listing of all Computer Science and Software Engineering Graduate and Undergraduate courses
  • A listing of all Undergraduate Cybersecurity courses
  • A decription of each course with approved learning outcomes

Graduate Handbook Appendices

The Graduate Handbook Appendices provide information as you finish your degree.  Topics include thesis preparation, defense, and submission as well as Assistantship evaluations forms.