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Gender Inclusive at Miami


LGBTQ+ Initiatives is committed to supporting students of all gender identities and/or gender expressions and we have created a Google map that lists most of the gender-inclusive and single stall restrooms on the Miami University Oxford campus. Having building space with bathroom facilities that are ADA-accessible and open to people of any gender is an important way to make sure that all members of the campus community have access to spaces that meet their basic needs.

We will continue to update this map as buildings come online and go offline. 

This map identifies any single-stall, lockable restrooms that are known to LGBTQ+ Initiatives. If you know of any gender-inclusive restrooms that are not listed here, please email the building and room number to

Map Information: Yellow Markers

Yellow Markers indicate that restroom access is limited to residents of a building (via swipe card).

  • Anderson Hall
  • Beechwoods Hall
  • Bishop Hall
  • Brandon Hall
  • Collins Hall
  • Dennison Hall
  • Dorsey Hall
  • Etheridge Hall
  • Flower Hall
  • Hahne Hall
  • Havighurst Hall
  • Hamilton Hall
  • Hepburn Hall
  • Hillcrest Hall
  • MacCracken Hall
  • Maplestreet Station
  • McBride Hall
  • McFarland Hall
  • Minnich Hall
  • Porter Hall
  • Scott Hall
  • Stanton Hall
  • Stonebridge Hall
  • Symmes Hall
  • Thomson Hall
  • Withrow Hall

Map Information: Blue Markers

Blue Markers indicate that restroom signage is either "family restroom" or "gender neutral". These restrooms are open to the public.

  • Campus Avenue Building Rm 21
  • Alumni Center 204
  • Williams Hall Rm 236
  • Student Counseling Services/Health Center Rms 105, 106, 122, 123, 193, and 194
  • Goggin Ice Arena Rm 121
  • King Library Rms 116, 230 and 316
  • Old Manse (MU Honors Program) Rms 5, 106 and 202
  • Glos Center Rm 117
  • Ogden Rm 118
  • McGuffey Museum 110B
  • Farmer School of Business Rms 2076, 3032 and 3034 (restrooms are labeled as all gender restrooms and are marked with the sign above)
  • Bachelor Hall Math Lab 104
  • B.E.S.T. Library
  • Hanna House Rms 8, 110, 204A and 208
  • Laws Hall
  • Armstrong Student Center, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor (restrooms are labeled as all gender restrooms and are marked with the sign above) 
  • Psychology Building 37, 38
  • Recreation Center 34
  • MacMillan Hall
  • Marcum Hotel and Conference Center


Miami University recognizes that sex-segregated housing may not be the best option for some students. In cooperation with the Campus Services Center, the Office of Residence Life offers gender inclusive housing as an option. Gender inclusive housing provides a comfortable and safe living environment for the student.

Read more about the Gender-Inclusive Housing Policies at Miami University.

Questions about the gender inclusive housing policy can be directed to Tresa Barlage Zianno in the Office of Residence Life via email at

Changing Names

Many members of the Miami community use a name that differs from their legal name (listed as “primary name” in university data systems). These may include individuals who prefer to use:

  • a middle name instead of a first name;
  • an anglicized name;
  • a name to which the individual is in the process of legally changing; or
  • a name that better represents the individual’s gender identity.

To encourage a more welcoming climate, Miami is in the process of implementing procedures that allow students, faculty, and staff to indicate their name of use to the university community regardless of whether they have legally changed their name and as long as the name of use is not for the purpose of misrepresentation.

The name of use will be used consistently across internal University communication and reporting systems, except where the legal name is necessitated by legal or business requirement.

Learn more about the Name of Use Policy at Miami University.

Miami Directory and Class Rosters: For information on how to change your first name and personal information on the Miami Directory and on class photo rosters, visit One Stop's Your Info page.

Display Name in Google: For information on how to change your display name in Google, visit the Knowledge Base article Change My Display Name in Google

Miami Diplomas: Students are now able to have their chosen name on diplomas. For information on how to change you name on your diploma, visit One Stop's Diplomas page.

Computer Login: For information on how to change the name that appears when you log into your computer, visit the Knowledge Base article Change the Name that Appears When I Log into My Computer.

Changing Your Email Alias: For more information on how to change your email alias and/or Unique ID, visit the Manage Your Identity at Miami Guide page. 

Report a Technology Inclusivity Issue: To report an issue with technology inclusivity such as your dead name being utilized in a Miami database, please visit the Report a Technology Inclusivity Issue page. 

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