Administrative Reorganization

Administrative reorganization is the restructuring of a department or distinct unit within a department or the merger of distinct departments or units that results in an increase or decrease in the level of employee responsibilities and may result in the elimination of one or more employee positions. Restructuring may also constitute an Administrative Reorganization when an employee s reporting level is elevated or reduced even if a layoff does not occur. Reorganization does not include the redistribution of work at the same level within a unit. Questions about reorganization should be directed to the appropriate personnel office.

Reorganization should result in an administrative organization which leads to increased efficiency and/or leverages the effectiveness of our human and financial assets.

Reorganization Plans must include the following information:

  1. A written explanation of the plan to deliver services and a description of the proposed reorganization, including a current and proposed organization chart. The explanation should describe how the department/unit will meet the department/unit/university needs and objectives as well as the financial impact of the reorganization.
  2. If services are to be transferred or eliminated, an explanation of the impact, if any, on the core functions and priorities of Miami and your division should be included.
  3. Identification of any positions that will be eliminated as a result of the reorganization and the objective reasons why these positions were selected for elimination.
  4. A list of all employees whose title, salary, reporting relationship, departmental assignment will be affected as a result of the reorganization and the proposed changes in their duties or responsibilities, along with the employees resumes. This includes any person(s) recommended for promotion, change in title, and/or change in reporting or transfer as a result of the proposed reorganization. Proposed minimum and preferred position qualifications and new position descriptions should be included. Please note any new positions that will be created as a result of the reorganization.
  5. If requested, a list of employees whose title, salary, reporting relationship, departmental assignment will not be affected as a result of the reorganization, along with the employees resumes.
  6. The University s non-discrimination policies apply to reorganization. Reorganization plans will be reviewed and must be approved by the appropriate personnel office (Human Resources and Academic Personnel Services) and the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity. Reorganization plans must ultimately be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Vice- President or President.
  7. Review and approval of reorganization plans are complicated processes which involving a review of a number of factors including the diversity of the workforce and the opportunities that exist for current employees as well as the opportunity to attract new talent to the University.
  8. Communication plan for communicating the proposed reorganization with employees within the division or unit, and the University community.

* Note: This process should not be confused with the Guide for the Consolidation, Partition, Transfer, or Elimination of Academic Divisions, Departments, or Programs which governs the decision-making process when consolidation, partition, transfer, or elimination of academic divisions, departments, or programs is under consideration.