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Faculty Research

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Meet Some of Our Faculty Researchers

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, we take pride in offering a host of integrated research-based opportunities that are rarely afforded at many other institutions. EHS faculty encourage students to join them in a wide variety of research projects that incorporate community engagement, social activism, service-based leadership, interdisciplinary scholarship and more. Our goal is to think through the serious challenges facing our rapidly changing global society, and to find the innovative solutions that will lead to a more just and holistic human experience.

Helaine Alessio

Helaine AlessioDr. Alessio’s research interests include investigating gene expressions and health-related phenotypes such as tumor growth, blood lipids, and oxidative stress, in animals comparing physically active and sedentary models. Her collaborative research with Dr. Ann Hagerman (Chemistry and Biochemistry) has been funded by the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, and the National Cancer Institute. She also collaborates with Drs. Kathleen Hutchinson and Susan Baker-Brehm on speech, hearing, and exercise research using human models.

William Boone

William Boone holding a cup.Dr. Boone's research interests include the use of techniques and methodology to design, analyze, and revise questionnaires, surveys and tests. His current work emphasizes instruments (e.g. questionnaires, surveys and tests) used in the fields of business (market research), health care, and education. Dr. Boone frequently explores the development of techniques to better communicate analysis findings to stakeholders, and also frequently addresses how to 1) improve the efficiency of data collection, 2) provide succinct actionable guidance for decision makers, 3) reduce the cost per response, and 4) increase response rates.


Brian Schultz

Brian SchultzDr. Schultz has the following research interests:

  • Democratic, justice-oriented curricula and curricula for social action
  • Progressive education in historically-marginalized communities
  • Teachers’ roles in student-directed, action-focused, emergent learning
  • Out-of-school curriculum and public pedagogy
  • Critical, narrative, and qualitative methodologies

Robin Vealey

Robin VealeyA former collegiate basketball player and coach, Dr. Vealey has pursued the understanding and enhancement of the achieving mentality in sport in both athletes and coaches. She has developed lines of research in sport-confidence as well as competitive anxiety and burnout. She also has written extensively about mental skills training for personal development and performance enhancement in sport, as well as coaching effectiveness.

Reframe Podcast

Logo for Reframe PodcastThe Reframe podcast explores the transformative and progressive work being done in EHS and throughout the community. Hear insightful interviews and exclusive stories about the faculty, students, and alumni who are addressing some of the most critical issues of our time.

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