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New Education Program Helps Low-income Children Avoid the Summer Slide
A new partnership between Miami University and Hamilton’s Head Start program is helping local children stay ahead this summer. It’s called JUmp over the SUmmer Time (JUST).
Reframe: Episode 56
No-Nonsense Nurturing with Kristyn Klei Borrero and Noah Borrero
CT3 Looks to Great Teachers to Develop More Great Teachers
Kristyn Klei Borrero is the CEO and co-founder of CT3, a professional development and coaching program for teachers used by K-12 schools across the country.
ASG's 2019 Outstanding Professor might not have been a teacher at all
Catherine Wolfe Bornhorst never imagined that she would receive the 2019 Outstanding Professor Award.
Award-winning Educator Invests in the Social Emotional Sides of Teaching
A recipient of Miami University’s prestigious 18 of the Last 9 award, and a Miami graduate with a degree in teacher education, Benjamin Walker is a professional educator in Chicago, where he’s recently become involved with a social startup called the Academy Group, which accelerates the educational experience for students of struggling communities.
Accolades Multiply for Bexley Math Teacher Janeen Kimble
This Week News, April 30, 2019
The Next Big Problem in Education
“I think that is the next big problem that we have to talk about in education,” Wronowski says. “Teachers are not staying long enough to become great teachers."
How Frederick Douglass Elementary is Changing the Way School Works
Not long ago, Frederick Douglass Elementary, part of Cincinnati Public Schools, was ranked as a failing school by the Ohio Department of Education. Today, however, the school has risen from an F to a B in Closing the Gap. It's no longer being targeted by Ohio as a warning school.
Reframe Podcast: Episode 53
Brukel: Explore the life of a World War II Survivor