J.P. Morgan Single Use Credit Card Program (SUA)

J.P.  Morgan’s Single-Use Account (SUA) is an electronic payment solution that enables the University to process payments faster and more efficiently. JP Morgan SUA is Miami’s preferred method of payment.

Under this program, suppliers who enroll will be paid by a one-time use electronic card. Each time a payment is disbursed to the supplier, a secured e-mail message will be sent with the electronic card information. Using this information the supplier can process the payment transaction using their credit card processor and receive their funds immediately after an invoice is received and approved for payment.

The acceptance of SUA payments comes with no additional costs from JP Morgan or the University, although processor fees will apply as agreed upon with the supplier and their credit card processing merchant bank.

Supplier Benefits

  • SUA offers a secure, internet-based system.
  • Suppliers have quicker access to their funds, improved cash flow, and a reduction in paperwork.

More information about SUA can be obtained by contacting Accounts Payable at accountspayable@miamioh.edu.