Building an Asset

When a professor or department within the university decides to build an asset that would eventually exceed the $5,000 threshold for Capital Equipment, please follow the steps below:

  1. Meet with department personnel and contact Plant Funds to determine how best to track The purchases for the project. For each asset being built:
    1. Create an activity code for the project. This will allow the department and Plant Funds to track the expenses associated with the cost of the asset.
    2. Charge all invoices, interdepartmental charges, purchase orders and any other transactions to a 185XXX account and the activity code assigned to the specific piece of equipment.
    3. Do not use a credit card to make any purchase for the project. If normal procurement policies will not work please contact Plant Funds prior to the purchase and if a credit card must be used as a last resort, please provide Plant Funds copies of each transaction.
  2. Track all purchases using the activity code assigned. This will determine the value of the Capital Asset.
  3. Please be aware that the project will be assigned a capital asset tag once the project to build has begun. When the project has been completed, if applicable, the tag will be attached to the equipment.
  4. Remember when building a capital asset it is imperititive to start this process as soon as possible.
  5. Contact Plant Funds upon the disposal of the asset.
  6. Please contact Plant Funds with any questions or concerns.