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Undergraduate Programs

The Farmer School of Business is made up of seven departments offering 11 majors and a variety of minors and thematic sequences. Each year, we send about 1,200 new graduates into the global community to lead by sound values and principles, to create better economies for our rapidly changing world. We are nationally recognized for our commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching with accessible faculty who are experts in their fields.

Majors and Co-Majors


Accountancy encompasses the identification, measurement, and communication of financial and operational information that is critical to the success of the business, government, and not-for-profit organizations.


A great option for students in majors outside of the Farmer School, this co-major examines the collection and use of "big data" for developing models to predict behavior.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics focuses on the use of data to guide evidence-based decision-making. This field has emerged during a time when massively large data sets are being collected throughout society.

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Business Economics

As an economist, you’ll learn how to use economic analysis as a major tool in reaching independent, well-considered judgments. Develop an understanding of a private enterprise economy, economic analysis, and economic principles of business administration.

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This co-major provides a framework for understanding entrepreneurship from a variety of disciplines and application of entrepreneurial skill sets to meet societal and workplace demands.

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This major teaches the principles of finance, explains how financial techniques can solve some of society's most important problems, and prepares students for financial asset management.

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Human Capital Management and Leadership

The major in Human Capital Management and Leadership (HCML) prepares graduates to understand how the best organizations attract, develop, and lead their talent to create sustained competitive advantage.

Information and Cybersecurity Management

The Information and Cybersecurity Management major provides managerial perspective and technical skills to create, control, protect, and leverage information and data resources of an organization.

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Studying Marketing will help you understand how organizations use creative, analytical, and quantitative capabilities to reach consumers and other organizations.

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Real Estate

Explore the financial aspects of all real estate transactions, from residential to commercial, and learn about property management and real estate development.

Combined Degree Programs

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High achieving students have the option to pursue a combined degree program in which you can earn both your bachelor's and master's degrees in accountancy within four years. After program completion, you are qualified to sit for the CPA in Ohio and most other states.

Business Analytics

Have the option of combining your bachelor’s degree in any field and the Master of Science in Business Analytics.


The program will combine a B.A. or B.S. degree in Economics with the Master of Economics.


Combine your major in any field with a minor from the Farmer School of Business. You may take up to two FSB minors, and while some are open to all students on a first-come, first-served basis, others may have entry requirements or restrictions. Contact the department offering the minor in which you're interested to learn more.


The minor provides an opportunity to understand the development and use of financial and accounting information within organizations, and is intended to aid in relating business activities to financial results.

Arts Management

The minor will prepare students to balance aesthetic understanding with specialized skills in generating income, managing boards, stimulating public access, and sustaining the mission and vision of organizations whose primary purpose is the delivery, presentation, and preservation of arts and culture.

Business Analytics

The business analytics minor complements many majors (including all business majors) by providing the skills needed to gather data in real-time, store and organize the data, analyze the data using quantitative methods, and use the resulting information to make decisions that will allow the organization to gain a competitive advantage.

Climate Accounting and Engineering

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help organizations identify, reliably measure and faithfully represent the environmental impact of their direct and indirect activities.

Cybersecurity Management

The Cybersecurity Management Minor, open to all university students, offers students from any major the managerial and basic technical skills critical for understanding and addressing information security concerns within organizations.


The Economics minor is designed for students who are interested in exploring how their major area of specialization connects to the wider world of the workplace and the economy.


The interdisciplinary minor exposes students to the mindset and behavior of successful entrepreneurs as well as the principles and concepts associated with entrepreneurship in startup, social, creative, and corporate ventures.


Open only to non-business majors, this minor provides in-depth study of financial management and introduces financial topics of current importance.

General Business

This minor, open only to non-business students, offers a broad introduction to the decision-making process across the functional areas of business.

Human Capital Management and Leadership

This minor provides students an opportunity to enhance their major area(s) of study by gaining knowledge of best evidence-based ethical practices in human capital management and leadership.

Information Systems

This minor provides students with the managerial and technical skills critical to understanding, using, and applying information technology within organizations.

International Business

This minor, open to all university students, incorporates courses that provide a foundation in the area of international business.


This minor is open to any non-business major with the exception of Engineering Management, focuses on the management of human and non-human resources and is designed for students in the College of Arts and Science; the College of Education, Health, and Society; and the College of Engineering and Computing.


This minor prepares students for a career in marketing or as part of a business decision-making team.

Real Estate

Gain insight into the business of real estate investment and management. The minor emphasizes the management of real estate properties and the analysis of real estate investment assets. It is not open to Finance majors.

Supply Chain Management

This minor provides an understanding of supply chain management as a key business strategy.