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MBA Careers

Top companies need to hire and develop the business leaders of tomorrow who will be able to adapt quickly to whatever the 21st Century business landscape demands. While innovation and global disruptions will continue to present new conditions that are difficult to imagine today, a flexible manager will be in the best position to adapt and thrive under such dynamic conditions.


Of students agree that participation in Miami’s MBA program contributed to their understanding of key business processes relevant to current market trends.


Of students agree that core courses provided the appropriate degree of fundamental skills providing academic rigor and challenge.


Of students agree key skill sets learned in Miami’s MBA program are critical to today’s marketplace in order for their organization to be successful and remain competitive.

Why Employers Should Seek Farmer MBA Graduates

As your organization is well aware, today's digital, diverse, and global marketplace has evolved the business landscape rapidly. Business leaders face a fast-paced, interconnected, and continuously changing environment that requires them to pivot quickly as unforeseen challenges involving customer demands, technology, and digital innovation, employee composition and needs, financial and economic conditions, supply chain disruptions, new and evolving regulations, and other socio-political and environmental events.

Miami's MBA program incorporated research identifying the most important skills needed by today's leading global employers and those most requested by potential students to evolve its program. Further, the program conducts ongoing communication with employers and students to be able to maintain an adaptable and flexible program that will enable its curriculum to evolve with the dynamic business environment. 

Specifically, the Miami MBA program focuses on developing holistic, integrated knowledge for its graduates, emphasizing key fundamental skills within its core course topical courses. In addition, students will work with program advisors to identify electives that develop in-demand skills applied across business contexts that will make them most competitive and differentiate them in today's marketplace. 

Brian Ballou, EY Professor of Accounting and MBA Faculty Director

Kate Ward, Kroger Executive

Top 10

College for Producing Fortune 500 CEOs Nationwide

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Hiring Leaders

By hiring Miami MBA graduates, you will be adding future business leaders who are leaning into this new and exciting workplace.


Of students believe their MBA contributed to their next job function.


Saw an increase in salary and/or change of title while participating in the MBA program.


Of post MBA graduates saw up to a 15% salary increase within 12 months.

Aim for Bigger Opportunities

MBA graduate are leaders among companies such as Astra Zeneca, Children's Hospital, 84.51, Fidelity, General Electric, Givaudan, Liberty Mutual, UC Health, and Schneider-Electric.

Farmer School of Business MBA Program

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