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Why join a business organization or fraternity? Let's ask the experts

Members of business organizations and fraternities explain what they get out of the experience.

Wide shot of the FSB atrium filled with students
Excellence and Expertise Campus Life Student Success

Why join a business organization or fraternity? Let's ask the experts

With more than 40 business organizations, fraternities, and honor societies, the Farmer School of Business has many opportunities for students to get involved. But what do students have to gain from putting time and effort into an organization?

We asked students who are members of one or more student organizations: “What’s the biggest thing that you’ve gotten out of being in a business organization or fraternity?” Here are their responses.

“Professional growth. I never knew I could grow as much as I have. I feel like I know how to look at a resumé, know if it's a good resumé. I know workshop skills, resumé workshop skills. A lot of interviewing skills, becoming personable, learning how to collaborate with all different kinds of people.” Caroline Mog, senior, human capital management and leadership.

“I would say the friendships that I've made with upperclassmen, getting to know the ins and outs of the business school, not only within the classes, but through networking events that we have as well.” Dominic Vernon, sophomore, supply chain operations and management.

“I think the number one thing for me has been finding the thing that I'm truly passionate about. The brothers and the fraternity have truly pushed me to become my best self and find what I truly want to do. I don't think I would've found that anywhere else on campus.” Radhika Agrawal, junior, marketing and information systems and analytics.

”The mentorship that I received from the older brothers. Everyone's always willing to help and really willing to help put their best foot forward to help me succeed and be the best version of myself.” Ben Kawaja, sophomore, finance.

“Learning how to be professional, talking to people and networking skills, because I realize while it's important on the resumé to have hard quantitative skills in the coursework, at the day in the interview, it's all about being a person, showing your personality and how you fit within the company.” Miles Crawford, senior, human capital management and leadership and information systems and analytics.

“Getting myself connected with all these businesses. This organization actually got me a job offer with Grant Thornton. So I credit everything to Beta Alpha Psi.” Matt Kurtz, senior, information systems and analytics.

“I've grown professionally, especially junior year, getting an internship and building my resumé, getting help from mentors in this organization.” Hannah Florea, senior, marketing.

“Personal development and professional development. I'm a mix of an introvert and an extrovert. So sometimes it's hard to get out of my comfort zone and speak publicly. BSAC has really helped me to do that. I hold new member workshops and by doing that and interacting with new people, it’s really helped me develop professionally and develop my leadership skills.” Zayla Yarbrough, sophomore, human capital management and leadership.

“I met all of my closest friends from my business organizations, but on the professional side, I would definitely not be on the same path if I hadn't joined business organizations so early. I definitely wouldn't have had the professional networking connections that I have now. I wouldn't have had the mentorship that I had from a lot of the older members as soon as I joined.” Aidan McGaughy, senior, marketing and information systems and analytics.

“I feel like getting a leadership position in an organization, along with that knowledge and that experience, is something that will definitely further what I want to do in the future.” Emma Lee, senior, business analytics.

“The biggest thing I've gotten out of it is the ability to work in groups and work with teams and solve problems together.” Hannah Bowman, sophomore, human capital management and leadership.

“If I weren't in a business organization, I wouldn't have had easy access to another group of such motivated people. And you know they're motivated because they went out of their way to join an organization. So it's like you have this pool of other members and you. I think at the end of the day, it's that you have this group of people that you're with that, you know, you can go to for help for basically anything you want to work on or you can spread ideas with. It's the people for me.” Luke Evans, junior, finance and psychology.

To summarize, if you want to meet friends for life, accelerate your personal and professional growth and find your passion – join an organization (or two, or three).