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Student Success Research and Innovation

RedHawk Launch Accelerator announces new cohort, new leader

The latest cohort of the RedHawk Launch Accelerator has been announced.

Student Success Research and Innovation

RedHawk Launch Accelerator announces new cohort, new leader

The ninth cohort of student startups to be part of a Miami University startup accelerator program has been announced.

The RedHawk Launch Accelerator is the John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship’s seed stage startup accelerator for student-led startups with high growth potential. Student-founders of startups selected for the Launch Accelerator participate in a 14-week program designed to develop, launch, and scale their business idea. Startups receive seed funding, access to mentors and subject matter experts from Miami University's extensive network, and an invitation to participate in the $100,000 RedHawk Venture Pitch Competition.

This year’s cohort includes:


GenZcruiting is an HR-tech company helping startups and small businesses source untapped intern talent. By using its network of referrals, social media reach, and AI tools, growing organizations can accelerate their university recruiting efforts for better results. Website:


(Co-Founder and CEO, MU '25 in Organizational Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Middle East, Jewish, and Islamic Studies) 


(Co-Founder and COO, MU '25 in Human Capital Management and Entrepreneurship and a Ryan Family Scholar)

Nexus Lab:

Nexus Lab is pioneering sustainable aviation practices through AI and satellite technology. The company’s mission is to address the environmental impact of contrail formation, which represents 35% of aviation's direct impact on climate change. Contrails, those white clouds behind planes, trap heat 5 times more effectively than CO2, posing a pressing concern for eco-conscious passengers and airlines seeking greener alternatives. However, as those contrails form at specific atmospheric conditions, leveraging vast quantities of satellite, flight radar, and meteorological data, Nexus Lab’s AI generates predictions for contrail formation, similar to forecasting turbulence or storms. Then its software optimizes flight routes, offering updated alternatives to pilots for pre-flight planning. The company says its technology has already reached Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5, and it has partnered with Azerbaijani Airlines, paving the way for expansion into the U.S. market.



(Co-Founder and CEO, MU'25 in MS Geological and Earth Sciences)


(Co-Founder and Business Development Manager, MU'25 in MS Geological and Earth Sciences)

HeartsTM the App:

Food TikTok is booming, yet creators resort to putting recipes in plain text in the caption. Hearts will make them helpful & monetizable.

Pendleton Pham,

(Founder, President and CTO, MU '24 in Software Engineering)


Silux is a designer silicone ring company for women who cannot wear metal rings due to health problems, weight fluctuations, and/or workplace safety issues. These rings allow for flexibility and come in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Silux has over 70,000 organic followers on TikTok (@siluxrings) and plans to launch the first round of inventory while participating in the Redhawk Accelerator



(Founder and CEO, MU '24 in Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Pre-Med)

Allure AI:

Allure AI uses AI-powered creative to help brands improve e-commerce experiences, generate social media buzz, and earn a higher return on ad dollars. Their clients include Downtown Music, Watsons, and Ashford. 



(Co-Founder and CEO, University Honors College and Haynes Scholar, MU '24 in Economics and International Business)

Since its founding in 2015, RedHawk Launch Accelerator graduates have raised more than $50 million in follow-on funding.

John McIlwraith will lead the ninth startup cohort. A new entrepreneurship instructor, McIlwraith has been an Altman Institute Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) for the past five years. He is co-founder and managing director for Allos Ventures, a Cincinnati-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies in the business-to-business software and technology-enabled service sectors.

McIlwraith’s investment experience includes software, business service, consumer product and healthcare companies such as Assurex Health, where he served as chairman of the board.

John McIlwraith head shot