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Short-Term Visitor Invitation Process

Process for Requesting a Short-Term Visitor

Below are the steps for bringing a Short-Term Visitor to Miami University:

  1. Complete the Short-Term Visitor Request Form  and have it signed by both the Department Chair and the Dean
    1. Note: The Department Chair and Dean must circle either “Approved” or “Denied” when signing the form. If approved, the request may move forward. If denied, the denier must indicate “denied” on the form and return a copy of the form to any previous approvers (including the originating faculty member), as well as to ISSS.
  2. If approved by the Department Chair and Dean, the form should then be sent to International Student and Scholar Services (MacMillan 214; ATTN: Molly Heidemann)
  3. ISSS will check on any export control concerns
    1. If there are export control concerns, an OARS staff member will contact the hosting faculty member
  4. ISSS will seek Provost-level approval. If approved, an invitation letter will be issued by the Office of the Provost and will be forwarded to the hosting faculty member.
    1. If denied, the form will be sent back to the hosting faculty member with copies to the Department Chair and Dean
  5. If approved, the visitor may then apply for the B-1/B-2 visa (if necessary) and come to campus as planned. He or she is not required check in with ISSS upon arrival.

Terms of Short-Term Visitor Appointments

  1.  The expectation is that the Dean will be informed of international visitors to campus for business purposes for visits scheduled for 1 day or more.
  2. Letters of invitation are issued only at the Dean or Provost level. International Student & Scholars Services (ISSS) will be copied on letters of invitation for tracking and archiving.
  3. The Office of the Provost provides the Visiting International Scholar access to University libraries with full privileges; it provides an assigned library carrel, when available, and/or space in the host department. The host department is encouraged to involve the Visiting International Scholar as much as possible in the life of the department.
  4. As needed, it is expected that the host department will provide the Visiting International Scholar with an orientation to the University and to the Oxford community. Assistance will also be available in seeking long-term housing or in obtaining temporary accommodations until permanent housing can be located. Miami University is not responsible for providing housing on campus.
  5. Visiting International Scholars are required to provide their own medical insurance. Information on available policies can be obtained from the ISSS office or by
  6. Miami University accepts no liability for laboratory work engaged in by the Visiting International Scholar.
  7. The Visiting International Scholar should not expect to take on paid duties during his or her stay at Miami University. There is little likelihood that a paid position will be available. Visitors to the U.S. typically do not have authorization to work off-campus.
  8. The Visiting International Scholar will notify the host department if any family members will accompany him or her.
  9. The Visiting International Scholar is expected to comply with rules and regulations pertaining to Section 16: USE OF UNIVERSITY PROPERTY AND RESOURCES of the Miami University Policy and Information Manual.

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