Support Material

Road Book

Upon departure, the Accompanying Staff Member has a detailed, hour-by-hour itinerary, including every aspect/detail of the tour. All confirmations, payments, documentations are collected and forms with the Itinerary and a Road Book that the Accompanying Staff Member carries at all time during the tour. It includes all necessary information, phone numbers, contact persons, addresses, schedule, confirmations of payments, amounts to be paid…

In particular, the Road Book must indicate precisely the timing of each activity and clearly indicate free time for students. Each day must have a clear beginning and ending time which must be communicated to students.

Audio guides

MUDEC has 60 audio guides and 3 microphones which can be used during study tours. They need to be reserved prior to departure with the IT Office. They will be provided to study tour groups by order of request.

If the tour travels with a bus, the Accompanying Staff Member takes the suitcase containing the audio guides prior to departure and is in charge of the entire group’s guides.

If the tour travels by train or by plane, every student picks up an audio guide and is held responsible for it. If the audio guide is not returned, the IT Office charges $150 (participants sign a waiver to that effect prior to departure). This process is also valid for paying guests, who might be requested to provide a deposit check.

Cash payments

Cash payments are minimized. Hotels are usually paid by MasterCard or bank transfer and proofs of payments are included in the Road Book and mentioned in the Itinerary, where payable amounts are also listed.

For remaining cash payments, cash in the required currency is delivered to the Accompanying Staff Member who signs a receipt. The Accompanying Staff Member is responsible for handling cash payments on the Tour.

The Accompanying Staff Member also receives an envelope containing:

  • 5€ tip per day for a bus driver if the group travels by bus
  • 5€ tip per restaurant
  • 100€ for emergencies