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Withdrawing from the University


Withdrawing from the University is a formal administrative procedure; merely ceasing to attend classes will not be considered an official withdrawal from the University. A student withdrawing from the University is expected to file in the Oxford Office of the Registrar or Regional/Campus Records and Registration Office. The withdrawal form must be signed by the student’s divisional adviser or the proper University official as indicated on the withdrawal form.

An international student on a non-immigrant student visa must also obtain the signature of the International Student Adviser on the withdrawal form.

The withdrawal deadline is 5:00 p.m. on the last Friday of the term’s classes preceding final exam week. Official withdrawals are noted on a student’s academic record (transcript).

Refunds follow University policy. Students considering withdrawal from the University are strongly encouraged to contact their lenders and insurance agents to determine continued eligibility for loan deferments and insurance coverage.

Withdrawal During the Semester

  1. If a student officially withdraws during the first 20 percent of any semester, accelerated course or summer term, no grades will be recorded.
  2. If a student officially withdraws from the University at any point after 20 percent and through the last class day of a semester, accelerated course or summer term, the Office of the Registrar shall assign a grade of W in each course for which the student is registered, excluding accelerated courses completed or not yet begun prior to the date of withdrawal from the University. Courses in which a final grade has been assigned remain on the academic record.
  3. If a student officially withdraws from the University after 60 percent of a semester, accelerated course or summer term, and if the student wishes to re-enroll, the student must submit a petition for re-enrollment to the Interdivisional Committee of Advisers. The petition must include a description of the extenuating circumstances (extraordinary circumstances usually beyond the student’s control) that form the grounds of the petition.
  4. If a student obtains a medical withdrawal certified by the Medical Director of the Student Health Service or Director of the Student Counseling Service, he or she will be allowed to withdraw from the University without grades (see Part 4, Voluntary Medical Withdrawal). If a student obtains a military withdrawal, the provisions of Section 1.2.E apply.
  5. The withdrawal form is available from the Registrar.

Unofficial Withdrawal

If a student leaves the University without formally withdrawing and failing and/or non-completion grades are recorded, registrations in subsequent terms will be canceled. The student may petition the Interdivisional Committee of Advisers to request consideration of a change in his or her record. If the petition is approved by the committee, the grades recorded on the student's academic record for that term shall be identical to those recorded for official withdrawal, as noted above.

Combined Degree Withdrawal

Students in the Combined Degree program who want to withdraw from the Master's program only and not the university, please email with your request. 

International Students

International students on a non-immigrant visa who want to withdraw or take a leave of absence from Miami University are highly encouraged to meet with an International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) advisor. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit the ISSS website