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The Howe Writing Center (HWC) is the writing-focused arm of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence (HCWE). Our mission is to support Miami writers as they learn, read and write across a variety of contexts. We pursue this mission with an expertly-trained staff of undergraduate and graduate student consultants from a variety of academic disciplines. Every semester, we provide writing consultations for individuals and groups as well as writing-centered programming and events. Our work is guided by the HCWE's principles on writing, especially the idea that writing is social and rhetorical and that writers benefit from reflecting, talking, and sharing drafts with other writers.

The HWC is overseen by Dr. Lizzie Hutton (Director) with help from a small team of Graduate Assistant Directors.

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Our team of student consultants are eager to meet with you about your writing. »

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During the fall and spring terms, we offer in-person, live online, and written online writing consultations Sunday - Friday.  »

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We prepared these guides to help your writing, from generating ideas to proper citation. »

Our consultants come from all across Miami

We take pride in building a staff of consultants from a variety of academic disciplines. While every consultant is expertly-trained to help you with any writing assignment, we know some of our users may prefer to schedule time with a consultant from their own field. Browse our student staff profiles, where you'll find each consultant listed along with their area of study.