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Healthy Miami

We are pleased to offer the Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program to all eligible employees and their spouses who are covered under Miami's health plan. By engaging in this voluntary program and completing designated healthy activities, you have the opportunity to lower your premium expenses by as much as $720 annually.

Spouses who are covered under your health plan are also welcome to participate in the program. The total savings amount is determined by the combined efforts of both you and your spouse, potentially resulting in savings of up to $1440.

We encourage you to take advantage of this program as a way to promote overall health and well-being while also enjoying the financial benefits it offers. Thank you for your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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Program Steps

The steps you are required to complete in a calendar year to receive premium discounts depend on your age and gender.

Individuals that cannot complete the base steps may have their physician submit a Medical Exemption to qualify for a portion of the premium discount. Similarly, the Alternate Proof of Care form can be used if a step has been completed outside of the Miami health plan. All forms can be found in your Healthy Miami account. Please contact the Benefits office at 513-529-3926 if you have any questions regarding these forms.

Please note: We base our frequency of screenings on recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Complete the program steps between January 1 and November 15 in a calendar year and qualify for the premium discount for the following calendar year.

When You and/or Spouse Enroll in Miami's Health Insurance

The application of the discount varies based on when you and/or a spouse enroll in health coverage.

  • Enroll between January 1 and June 1
    • Receive discount for current year
    • Complete the program steps in the current year for the discount in the following year.
  • Enroll between July 1 and December 1
    • Receive discount for the remainder of the current year and the following year
    • Complete the program steps in the following year

How Much You Can Save

  • $180 per year: Complete required base steps for your age group without completing the Tobacco-Free step
  • $540 per year: Complete the Tobacco-Free Step only
  • $720 per year: Complete all required steps for your age group

If your spouse is covered under your health plan, they can also voluntarily participate in the program. Combined participation determines your total savings. For example, if you both complete all steps, you will actually save $1,440.

The Healthy Miami deductions will show on your paycheck per person (you and/or spouse) as listed below:

Completed ALL Steps

When you complete all of the Healthy Miami Steps, no additional amount will appear on your check as an additional amount to your medical premium.

Completed the Tobacco-Free Step Only

Monthly (12 pays): $15.00/month
Monthly (Faculty 10 pays): $18.00/month
Biweekly (24 pays): $7.50/paycheck

Completed Preventive Steps Only

Monthly (12 pays): $45.00/month
Monthly (Faculty 10 pays): $54.00/month
Biweekly (24 pays): $22.50/paycheck

Did Not Complete all of the Steps

Monthly (12 pays): $60.00/month
Monthly (Faculty 10 pays: $72.00/month
Biweekly (24 pays): $30.00/paycheck

2024 Program

Premium Discount Program Steps

Age Groups

  • Female Under Age 50
  • Female Age 50 and Over (as of 12/31/2024)
  • Male Under Age 50
  • Male Age 50 and Over (as of 12/31/2024)

Healthy Miami Program Discount Steps
2024 Premium Discount Program Steps (recommended order of completion) How to Get a Point for Each Step by 11/15/2024 Required Based on Age Group

Base Step 1: Health Plan Provider Consent Form

(Gives Anthem permission to upload any points from claims)

Complete your online Health Plan Provider Consent form located in your Healthy Miami Account All groups
Base Step 2: Biometric Health Screening (BHS)

Complete your Biometric Health Screening (Schedule at the Miami Health Center or regional campuses through your Healthy Miami Account)

Or use the Alternate Biometric Screening form found in your Healthy Miami Account to submit lab work from your doctor's office or an independent lab.

All groups

Base Step 3: Primary Care Physician (PCP) Wellness Visit

Complete a PCP well visit (at your PCP office, an in-store clinic, or through telehealth services) All groups

Base Step 4: Colon Cancer Screening

Colonoscopy (every 10 years)
Cologuard (by prescription every 3 years)
Colon Health Kit (every year)
Male and Female Age 50 and over

Base Step 5: Breast Cancer Screening

Complete every two years. Female Age 50 and over

Base Step 6: Cervical Cancer Screening

Complete every three years. Female all ages

Step 7: Tobacco-Free Certification

Tobacco Cessation Coaching

Complete every year.

Will be awarded a point upon completion of program.

All groups

Personal Health Assessment

Complete your online Personal Health Assessment located in your Healthy Miami Account Optional

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