Developing and Managing My Team

We provide services and resources designed to encourage staff to develop their strengths and talents in relation to specific career opportunities at the University.

Please note: Additional services and resources for faculty and academic unclassified staff can be found at Academic Personnel.

Annual Pay Increases

When applicable, annual classified across-the-board pay raises are routinely effective in the pay period that includes July 1.

Annual salary increments for unclassified staff are determined as a result of guidelines set by the President and are routinely effective July 1.

Benefits and Wellness

Miami Benefits and Wellness offers a number of employee benefits including health, dental, vision, life and long term disability insurance, tuition fee waiver, sick leave, vacation, parental leave, and supplemental retirement plans.

Cellular and Data Stipend

Some positions may allow for a cellular and data stipend. Managers can request the stipend at any time in ProcessMaker.

Development Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Staff development opportunities provide instructor-led workshops for all faculty and staff to aid in developing individual, supervisory, leadership, technical, and Lean skills at the university.

Flexible Work Arrangements

The University recognizes the growing demands on staff and the increasing challenges of finding new and better ways to provide service and meet the University’s goals and expectations. Workplace flexibility is a strategy for using resources to provide the best environment for supporting staff while meeting the University’s needs.

Job Audit

A Job Audit is a formal review of the current duties and responsibilities assigned to a position to ensure appropriate classification within the classified pay program.

Job Enrichment Program for Classified Staff

This program supports the goals outlined in the Miami 2020 Plan. Staff are encouraged to develop their talents in ways that link to specific career opportunities that are meaningful and satisfying, while fulfilling the mission and needs of the University. The Job Enrichment Program offers a range of opportunities for classified staff to advance in job knowledge and skill level.

Leaves and Time Off

For many reasons, you may need (or, of course, just deserve!) time away from the job. Whether for enjoyment, illness, legal requirements, or business, Miami offers leave and time off through a variety of programs.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a process of daily feedback provided by supervisors to employees providing positive reinforcement and encouragement regarding work assignments and job duties. Performance evaluations are an institutional requirement and an important element of the performance management structure at Miami.

P.R.I.D.E. Award Program

The Performance Resulting in Distinguished Excellence, or P.R.I.D.E. Award Program, is a monetary-bonus program for classified and unclassified staff. These awards recognize significant employee achievements and contributions to the university.

Special Pay

For special, one-time, and/or hourly payments that are outside an employee's regular job description (e.g., special circumstances or for non-routine duties) use the Special Payroll Document (PDF 303KB). Individuals need to be hired into the position through PageUp prior to processing a payroll document.


Working Out of Band

Article 25B of the AFSCME Agreement (PDF 1.1MB) includes the definition of an employee working out-of-band. Once it is determined that an employee's assignment falls under this definition, the Working Out-of-Band form must be completed and submitted to HR.