Direct Deposit for Payroll

Direct deposit removes the need for paper paychecks, allowing Miami to pay your bank account directly. You must set up a direct deposit account for your paycheck (and may list up to four accounts).

At any time, you may set up and review your allocation amounts or change your banking information in Banner 9 Self Service. Changes should be made at least seven working days before a pay date to be effective for that pay date.

Banking Allocation

To access your banking allocations for review and/or changes, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the Two-Factor Authentication Process to proceed to the Direct Deposit Allocation page.

You can now edit your current allocation by adding a new bank account, editing existing accounts, or deactivating an account.

Training Resources

To view instructional videos and/or get detailed procedures on using the Direct Deposit Allocation screen in Banner 9 Self Service, please visit the appropriate module in Miami Learn (linked below).

Saving Your Changes

Once you are finished with any changes, you must select Save. Note the Saved Successfully check box indicating that changes have been saved.

You will also receive an email message confirming your changes.

Need Help?

Contact Payroll Services (513-529-6223) for assistance.