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Welcome To Miami! We are Excited to Process Your First Payroll

Compensating a new employee is a multilayered operation, consisting of activities that must be completed by various departments before the payroll processing.

After completing all steps of the on-boarding process, it is very important for new employees to make sure that all their information recorded in Workday is accurate and up to date.

Make it a habit to review your personal data and tax documents periodically to check for any changes or updates that need to be made. By staying proactive, you can catch potential errors early and avoid last-minute scrambling during tax season.

We hope that you completed the Worday training and are able to navigate to your profile.

Please log into the Workday and review the following components of your profile:

Review Your Personal Information

Personal: Your personal data are displayed under the Personal link. Please make sure that your name, DOB, SSN and other personal information is correct.

Contact: Your home and work contact information (addresses) is very important for a correct set up of state and local taxation. Please review your addresses and use the Edit button to update your addresses if needed.

Review Your Job and Compensation Information

Job: Lists your ID, position, your business title, location of your job and other job related information. If you have more than one job, all you jobs will be listed under All Jobs tab. If you are approved for a flexible work arrangements, you can find this information under the Flexible Work arrangement tab.

Compensation: Contains your compensation plan showing hourly rate or salary with an effective date and other compensation components assigned to you.

Review Your Tax Elections

Pay: Under Tax Election tab, review you tax elections for the Federal, state and local taxes. Completing Federal and state withholding certificates is a very important part of your onboarding process. If an employee doesn't complete tax withholding certificates, they are taxed using a marital status “Single” which results in higher taxes. For more details, use the link Manage Your Taxes and Tax Elections.

Set Up Payment Elections/ Direct Deposit

Pay: Under the Payment Election tab, complete or review your bank account (s) information. In the Payment Election section listed below Accounts information, you can provide details for distribution of you pay into accounts you provided in Accounts Section.

Please note that a separate set up of Payment Elections is required for the Payroll and Accounts Payable (expense and reimbursement payments). You can use more than one bank account for your Payroll disbursements but only bank one account for Accounts payable/Expense payments. For more details, use the link Set Up payment Elections.

Review the Pay Periods and Pay Day Schedules

Most of unclassified staff and faculty employees are paid monthly on the last day business day of the month.

Classified employees and student employees are paid biweekly. Please see the schedules period and pay day schedules.

Please review your time cards daily to make sure they are completed correctly and reflect time you worked and time when you were absent from work for vacation or other reasons. Your supervisor or manager will review your timecard and either approve it or ask for corrections. To be processed, all timecards must be reviewed and approved by supervisors. Timecards that are not approved will not be processed when payroll is prepared. For more details, use the link Pay Periods and Pay Schedules.

Review Your Payslip

Pay: When you receive your first paycheck, check all of your earnings, compensation rates, tax withholding and other deductions carefully. Verify they are what you're expecting, and ask your Payroll, HR Office or manager about anything which isn't clear. If you're supposed to get certain benefits, like healthcare insurance, make sure you see a deduction for your part of the premium. . For more details, use the link Understand Your Payslip.

If you would like step by step instructions for certain processes, you may visit the Canvas Workday System Preview Courses and select the course you need instruction for under the Generic Workday Job Aids table.

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