New Microphones

Project Title: New Microphones

Project Lead's Name: David Sholle


Phone: (513) 529-3546

Please Choose the Primary Affiliation: CAS

Are There Other Project Team Members?: Yes

Other Project Team Member: Ringo Jones

Other Team Member Email Address:

Brief description of project: We would like to purchase 8 microphones for audio/video production work for our students.

Does this project focus on graduate student education or graduate student life?: No

Describe the problem you are attempting to solve and your approach for solving that problem.: Our current location microphones are old and outmoded, some of them are over 25 years old and produce lots of hum and noise. This is seriously affecting students ability to gather quality audio. Our solution to replace these microphones with new small condenser microphones of high quality.

The criteria state that technology fee projects should benefit students in innovative and/or significant ways. How would you describe the innovation and/or significance of your project?: These microphones are used by students in all of our production classes across all majors in our department and also for projects that our students take on for various student groups, departments and centers in the university.

How will you assess the project?: We will survey the production faculty and ask them a series of questions on the quality of their students work.

Have you applied for and/or received Tech Fee awards in past years?: No

What happens to the project in year two and beyond? Will there be any ongoing costs such as software or hardware maintenance, supplies, staffing, etc.? How will these be funded?: Microphones will be used every year. No additional costs.

Budget: Hardware

Hardware Costs: $600.00

What is the total budget amount requested?: $4,800.00