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Financial Aid Offer

Your Financial Aid Offer

A financial aid offer shows how much financial aid you can receive when attending a specific college. This offer will help you determine how much college will cost.

Your financial aid offer may be a combination of the following:

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First-Year Students

First-year students at Miami University will receive an email with a link to their Financial Aid Offer on their Applicant Status page in mid-to-late March. Students receiving athletic scholarships will receive their financial aid offer by July 1. The financial aid offer includes all available funds. After confirming your admission to Miami, you can access your Financial Aid Offer in Banner 9 Self Service - Financial Aid.

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Returning Students

Returning students will receive an email with a link to their Financial Aid Offer in Banner 9 Self Service - Financial Aid around June 15. Students receiving athletic scholarships will receive their financial aid offer by July 1. Financial aid offers are made available in June to allow for the posting of the current academic year's grades. The financial aid offer includes all available funds.

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Confirmed and Current Students

Confirmed and current students with scholarships can review the scholarship renewability, the required cumulative grade point average (GPA), and the required major, on their Scholarship Offer.


Financial Aid Awarding Process

Miami’s financial aid is processed in the following manner:

  1. Scholarships are awarded to eligible students. No separate application is required.
  2. Federal Pell Grants are awarded to eligible students based on their Expected Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index (SAI).
  3. If a FAFSA was filed by Miami’s priority deadline, University-administered need-based aid, grants, and scholarships are awarded within the limits of available funds and eligibility criteria.
    1. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is awarded to Federal Pell Grant eligible students with the lowest EFC/SAI.
    2. Federal Work-Study is awarded to eligible students with high financial need who filed their FAFSA by Miami's priority deadline.
  4. Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is awarded to eligible students meeting grant criteria.
  5. Federal Direct Loans are awarded to students/parents based on federal eligibility guidelines.


Financial Aid Adjustments

There are several reasons why a student’s financial aid offer may change. Visit the Financial Aid Adjustments page for more information and to stay informed about any potential changes before the start of the semester.

The CCTI partner seal.Miami has joined the College Cost Transparency Initiative (CCTI) as a distinguished partner. This significant affiliation underscores Miami’s commitment to the principles and standards championed by the CCTI, which aims to provide comprehensive and understandable details to prospective and current students about the cost of higher education.

The CCTI focuses on making student financial aid offers clear, accurate, and helpful. By adhering to the CCTI’s principles and standards, Miami aims to provide transparent and reliable information to students and their families, enabling them to make informed decisions about their financial obligations and educational choices. Miami strives to promote fairness, accessibility, and clarity in the financial aid process, ultimately contributing to a more equitable higher education landscape.

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