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Analytics Essentials: Data Science

Enter the world of data science with Miami University’s online Foundations of Data Science course. This seven-week online training session is designed for working professionals or anyone interested in learning how data science can be used to enhance business objectives and operations. Through this online class, gain both quantitative literacy and in-demand data science skills to empower the work you do.

Quick Facts

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8 weeks

Course duration

2-3 hrs/wk

Time commitment

Spring 2023

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Cost varies

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Use data to transform business

In this online data analytics course, learn how to explore and assess metrics and trends using fundamental techniques useful across the business field. More specifically, this class provides a streamlined opportunity to discover how data analytics can transform business processes and outcomes. Designed to be paired with Miami's Analytics Essentials: Statistics course, our online data science training follows a similar convenient structure, so you can focus on mastering the content.

Learn from data experts

Even though the Analytics Essentials: Foundations of Data Science and Foundations of Statistics courses are entirely self-paced, we've got your back through a variety of supportive resources. As you progress, you have the opportunity to ask questions virtually and receive feedback and help from the course facilitator.

Expand your data science opportunities

Miami University's Center for Analytics and Data Science offers additional career-ready opportunities to gain further expertise. Data analytics continues to reshape all industries, which makes hands-on training crucial for a variety of professionals.

Earn the Analytics Essentials Certificate by completing both Foundations of Statistics and Foundations of Data Science courses. Ready to move beyond the essentials? Consider applying to Miami University's Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA).


In this eight-week online course, you will learn about a variety of data science techniques and models and how to utilize them effectively. Concepts covered in Foundations of Data Science include:

Analytics Maturity Curves

Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning


Logistic Regression

Random Forest




Decision Trees


Feature Engineering

A/B Testing

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an appreciation for using data to make business decisions
  • Explain the stages of the data science and analytics pipeline
  • Explain the main modeling purposes of data science, including classification, prediction, clustering, and forecasting
  • Understand when to use different machine learning algorithms
  • Interpret results/output of machine learning algorithms
  • Compare different machine learning algorithms

Start your future in data science with Miami Online’s introductory course

Take the first step toward data analytics mastery with these crash courses in statistics and data science. Enroll in Miami University’s Foundations of Data Science online training session to obtain career-advancing skills in this in-demand professional area.