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Information for Transient Students

Transient students (also known as visiting) are students who take classes at Miami University Regionals for one semester, with the intention of transferring that credit back to your home institution.

Transient Advising

If you are a Transient student, our advising process is a little different because you are being advised for your degree program at your home institution. For example, we don't require you complete our orientation process, and we waive pre-req requirements, allowing you to take classes "at your own risk."  Please consult with an academic advisor at your home institution to make sure credits taken while a Transient student at Miami Regionals will work with your intended degree program. 

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The Office of Academic Advising has compiled a FAQ for students who are visiting Miami for a semester.

How do I register for courses at Miami University Regionals?

We have a series of 'registration tips' videos to help you with this process. 

The course I would like to register for has a pre-requisite, a co-requisite, or an error, what do I do?

Contact the Office of Academic Advising at Please provide the course name and number, the course registration number (CRN), and a description of the error (a screenshot works really well here). We will force-add you into the class -- remember, you are taking the class "at your own risk;" work with an academic advisor at your home institution to make sure you are prepared to take the class and that it will work in your degree program. 

How do I pay my bill?

Miami does not mail paper bills. Each student will receive an eBill in their Miami email account. You may work with the One Stop Cashier to pay your bill. The phone number for One Stop billing is 513-217-4111, option 2.

How do I get my books?

Books are available through our online bookstore. You may log into BannerWeb, then click Registration, then Student Detail Schedule. Click on the class name hyperlink; the hyperlink will display the books needed for that class through the bookstore website.

Where do I find my online course content?

Through Canvas, Miami’s learning management system. All online and hybrid courses are offered through Canvas. As well, many face-to-face courses also utilize Canvas for assignments. Canvas can be accessed by logging into MyMiami.

What about students with disabilities?

To receive accommodations, students must self-disclose and register with the Office of Disability Services at the Regional Locations.

How do I find important dates and deadlines?

Pay special attention to the term’s start and end dates, as well as the drop and withdrawal dates, by viewing the academic calendar.

How do I drop a course?

Dropping or withdrawing from a course is a formal administrative procedure; merely ceasing to attend class is not the same as dropping a course.

Should you need to drop a class, you may do so on BannerWeb for the first two days of the summer term. After that you must email the instructor directly, using your Miami email, to request a drop

Do I have a Miami Email account?

Yes! Your Miami email ( is our official form of communication. Check it frequently and use it to communicate with Miami faculty and staff.

How do I find out how my credits will transfer?

Connect with your home institution to discuss how courses will transfer. Miami advisors won’t be able to give you much information since it’s not our policy.

Some schools use and students can see how a course will transfer. You can create a free account.

I need to send my transcripts to my home College or University.

After the term ends, you may order your transcript to be sent to your home institution.

I’d like to transfer to Miami University Regionals.

Students can only be a transient student for one semester. If you are interested in transferring to  Miami University Regionals you can apply here.

Once specific criteria are met, Miami Regionals students can elect to take some or all of their courses at the Miami University-Oxford campus. Learn more about the Change of Campus process.


To complete a transient student application, please contact the Regional Office of Admission.

Regionals Academic Advising

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