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A job interview is a formal meeting in which an individual or panel representing a potential employer questions and/or evaluates a potential employee. It's your responsibility as an interviewee to respond to questions in a way that connects your personal skills, values, education, and interests to the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Basic Interview Skills

How to Talk About Microcredentials

Your Next Steps

One of the best ways to practice interviewing is by signing up for a mock interview with Career Services. In a mock interview, you'll practice answering real interview questions and get feedback to use for your next interview. Before coming in for a mock interview, we ask that you complete Basic Interview Skills Training, a Canvas course developed by the Oxford campus. Completing this course gives you access to on-campus interviews in Oxford, too. Once you request access and complete the course, email to verify that you're eligible for both mock interviews and on-campus interviews in Oxford.

Career Services and Professional Development

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