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Regionals Student Success

Every semester, we look forward to not only its beginning, but the course of the entire semester. The excitement at the beginning, the stress, but determination at midterms, and then the sense of pride and joy after finals. The entire journey, semester after semester, is easier when you know there's an entire team of faculty and staff who have your back.

It's Registration Time

Does planning your fall schedule have you puzzled? Meeting with your advisor can help you stay on track.

You Matter

If you find yourself struggling academically or otherwise, we are here to help. Share your concerns with us and we will assist you in getting connected with the right campus resources. We are focused on providing a supportive environment so that you can concentrate on your studies.
A student working with a tutor in the Tutoring and Learning Center

Academic Support and Planning

Find direction with course selection and degree planning, as well as career pathways. Our advising and mentoring resources provide guidance from admission through graduation.

Academic Advising and Course Planning

Meet with your advisor early on to help you decide what path to take in order to get the education you want and regularly to stay on track to meeting your educational goals.

Academic Advising

Course Planning

Career Services & Professional Development

Guides students through all phases of their career and professional progression from the early stages of selecting the right major, developing a career plan, to full-time employment upon graduation.

Regionals Student Disability Services

We serve hundreds of students with a variety of disabilities including learning disabilities, chronic health issues, attention deficit disorders, psychological conditions, visual impairments, mobility impairments and hearing impairments. Additionally, we serve students with temporary illnesses and injuries.


ReFUEL connects students with campus and community resources to help address challenges to their academic success such as food, housing, finances, etc. ReFUEL also collaborates with campus and community partners in order to identify and address student needs.

Counseling Services

Miami University's regional campuses provide students with confidential counseling services free of charge. We offer counseling in the following areas: suicide awareness and prevention, personal concerns, relationship issues, and mental health, support services for student veterans.

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services provides eligible students with academic, career, and financial support and mentorship.

Tutoring and Learning Center

The Tutoring and Learning Center provides free course tutoring, writing tutoring, and mentoring to students with a variety of locations and times for your convenience. The TLC also offers workshops on student success skills and helps students form peer study groups.

Success is a team effort, we are here for you.

Doug Reichenberger

Doug Reichenberger
Regional Director, Career Services and Professional Development

Claire Ruberg

Claire Ruberg MA, LISW-S
Senior Regional Director of Clinical Services