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GrantForward Quick Start Guide

  • GrantForward is a subscription-based source of funding opportunity information for most disciplines. Miami students, faculty, and staff can use GrantForward free of charge.
  • Detailed guides are available from GrantForward Support.
  • Please contact CaTia Daniels to request access to the recording of the GrantForward training session.
  • A quick start guide is provided below.

Creating An Account

To be able to use full search features including saved-search and personalized grant recommendations, please sign up for an account.

  1. Click on Sign Up on the upper right side of the GrantForward homepage.
  2. On the Create an Account page, enter your institutional email and enter a password for your account.
  3. Check your inbox (and the spam folder too!) for a confirmation email. Confirm by clicking on the link in the email. Then, you can log in to use GrantForward-- click on Log In on the upper right side of the screen.

Trying A Keyword Search

  1. Under the Grants tab, go to Search Grants.
  2. In the Keywords/Phrases box, enter any words or phrases (“in quotes”) relevant to your field of research. Press Enter, or click on the search button to execute the search.
  3. You will see the results quickly pop up for you to sift through. The results, by default, are sorted by Relevance to your keywords.
  4. You can refine your search by selecting Advanced Search to enter keywords/phrases in the input fields of All, Any, or None of the keywords/phrases, which will require them to match accordingly.
  5. To further narrow down your search results beyond topical relevance (by keywords), you can add more search filters -- including Sponsors, Deadline, Amount, Sponsor Type, Grant Type, etc.

Saving, Favoriting And Exporting

For future reference, sharing, or keeping track of your selected grants, you can export or favorite them. You can also save a search to come back to it later and get email alerts of new funding opportunities that becomE available in future.

  1. To export search results, click on the Export button. To export an individual grant, visit its detail page, and click Export at the top. In the dialog box, select the file format, the number of results, and the fields to export. Then, click Export to download the file.
  2. You can favorite a grant for quick access. Just click on the ✩ button. You can view all favorited grants at Favorites under the Grants tab.
  3. To save your search, click on the Save search/Alert button above the search results. In the pop-up dialog box, check if you want to either update a previously saved search, or create one. Set the frequency (monthly, weekly, or daily) for receiving alerts of new matching grants. To view and edit your saved searches, you can find them at Saved Searches under the Grants tab.

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