Interdisciplinary Research

Below are examples of interdisciplinary projects that have been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Click on the title of a project to read an abstract.
Title of project Principal investigator(s) Disciplines involved
"Synthetic Aesthetics: Connecting Synthetic Biology and Creative Design" Drew Endy, Asst. Prof. of Bioengineering, Stanford U Art/design, biology, engineering
"Cutting and Pasting — Kirgami in Architecture, Technology, and Science" Randall Kamien, Prof. of Natural Sciences, UPenn; Dan Luo, Prof. of Biological & Environmental Engineering, Cornell U; Shu Yang, Prof. of Materials Science & Engineering, UPenn; Jenny Sabin, Asst. Prof. of Architecture, Cornell U Architecture, biology, engineering
"Enhancing Spatial Reasoning and Visual Cognition for Early Science and Engineering Students with 'Hands-On' Interactive Tools and Exercises" Yi-Luen Do, Prof. of Design Computing, Georgia Tech Art/design, general STEM
"The Brooklyn Waterfront 2050" Huseyin Tuce, Assoc. Prof. of Math; Peter Spellane, Chair of Chem. Dept.; Vasiliy Kolchenko, Asst. Prof. of Computational Thinking; Justin Vazquez-Poritz, Prof. of Physics; all of CUNY Architecture, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics
"Understanding Social Networks within Complex, Nonlinear Systems: Geographically-Integrated History & Dynamics GIS" John Owens, Research Prof. of History; Ryan Jones, Asst. Prof. of History; Vitit Kantabutra, Assoc. Prof. of Electrical Engineering; Daniel Ames, Assoc. Prof. of Geosciences; all of Idaho State U Computer science, geography, history, mathematics
"Workshop and Summer School on Dynamics of Language and Music" Christopher Kello, and Teenie Matlock, both Assoc. Prof. of Cognitive Science, U of California at Merced Cognitive science, communication, language, music
"Science Literacy through Science Journalism" Alan Newman, Research Prof. of Education, U of Missouri-St. Louis; Joseph Polman, Assoc. Prof. of Teaching & Learning, U of Missouri-St. Louis; E. Wendy Saul, Prof. of Education & International Studies, U of Missouri-St. Louis; Cathy Farrar, Chair of Science Dept., Normandy HS, Normandy, MO Education, journalism, science
"The Future of a New England Mill Town" Valerie Imbruce, Environmental Studies; Timothy Schroeder, Earth Science; Donald Sherefkin, Architecture; Janet Foley, Chemistry; Ronald Cohen, Psychology; all of Bennington College (VT) Architecture, chemistry, earth sciences, ecology, psychology
"Science Facilities: Communicating STEM Research to the Public through the Arts" Brian Schwartz, VP for Research & Sponsored Programs and Prof. of Physics, CUNY General STEM, theater
"Optics for Animation Artists" Alejandro Garcia, Prof. of Physics of Animation; Raquel Coelho, Prof. of Animation/Illustration; John Clapp, Assoc. Prof. of Art & Design; Peter Beyersdorf, Asst. Prof. of Physics & Astronomy; all of San Jose State U Architecture, art/design, physics
"Supporting Creativity in the Analysis and Understanding of Visually Complex Documents" Richard Furuta, Prof. of Comp. Sci. & Engineering, Texas A & M Art/design, computer science, general humanities
"Advancing Design-Related Technological Education: A 3-Way Partnership" Karen Pearson, Assoc. Prof. of Science & Mathematics; Elaine Maldonado, Dir. of Faculty Development; both of Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY Art/design, education, science
"Systems Thinking for Sustainability" Dusan Sekulic, Prof. of Mech. Eng.; Fazleena Badurdeen, Assoc. Prof., Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing; Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Assoc. Prof. of Education; Leslie Vincent, Asst. Prof. of Marketing & Supply Chain; Gregory Luhan, Prof. of Architecture; all of U of Kentucky Architecture, art/design, business, communication, economics, education, engineering
"Integrated Social History Environment for Research — Digging into Social Unrest" Dan Roth, Prof. of Comp. Sci., U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer science, history, general humanities, general social science
"Computing in the Arts: A Model Curriculum" Bill Manaris and Renee McCauley, both Prof. of Comp. Sci., College of Charleston (SC) Art/design, computer science
"Interconnections: Revisiting the Future" Lori Walters, Research Asst. Prof. of History; Michael Moshell, Prof. of Digital Media; Charles Hughes, Dir. of Synthetic Reality Lab; Eileen Smith, Research Assoc., School of Visual Arts & Design; all of U of Centeral Florida Art/design, education, history, general humanities, interactive media, general STEM
"Gendered Innovation in Science and Engineering" Londa Schiebinger, Prof. of History, Stanford U Gender studies, history, general humanities, general social science, general STEM
"Computational Thinking through Computing and Music" Jesse Heines, Prof. of Comp. Sci.; Gena Greher, Prof. of Music; S. Alex Ruthmann, Asst. Prof. of Music; all of U of Massachusetts at Lowell Computer science, music
"Astrophysics and Dance: Engaging Deaf Students in Science Education" Manuela Capanelli, Prof. of Physics; Hans-Peter Bischof, Assoc. Prof. of Comp. Sci.; Jacob Noel-Starr, Research Asst. Prof. of Astronomy; Thomas Warfield, Asst. Prof. of Dance; Joseph Bochner, Prof. of Cultural & Creative Studies; all of Rochester Institute of Technology Astrophysics, dance, education

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