Priority Scheduling

Events approved for priority scheduling are:

  1. Events approved by the Armstrong Student Center Board for Priority Scheduling
  2. Armstrong Student Center Board events
  3. Miami Activities and Programming Events
  4. Approved Associated Student Government Events

Criteria for priority scheduling approval

The Armstrong Student Center Board will consider requests for priority scheduling (before the student organization advance reservation period) for a limited number of events. This process is designed to provide special consideration for events:

  • Targeted at admitting students or accepted students who have not yet enrolled;
  • That can only be held at a certain time of the year (university academic calendar or a cultural, religious or national holidays, etc.); or
  • That can only be held in the Armstrong Student Center due to the size and logistics of the program.

With the exception of admissions related events, events approved for priority scheduling should also meet these criteria:

  • Has occurred on campus at least one time prior to submission of the request;
  • Are expected to occur annually;
  • Will be open to all students; and
  • Is primarily targeted at students.

Process for requesting priority scheduling approval

Step 1. Submit letter of application (e-mail) to the Director of the Armstrong Student Center and ASC Board. The request must include a justification for the request, as well as the specific dates/time period/date range, space(s) and times that are being requested. 

Step 2. The Armstrong Student Center Board will discuss the request to determine the impact on other campus events. Pending “preliminary approval” by the board, the Director (or designee) will invite the requesting department or organization to attend a Armstrong Student Center Board Meeting to discuss the request.

Step 3. During the Armstrong Student Center Board (or sub-committee) meeting, the requesting department or organization will be given the opportunity to communicate the request and the Director (or designee) will provide information on the impact of the request.  A discussion with members will follow.

Step 4. The request will be tabled to the next Armstrong Student Center Board meeting at which time a vote will be taken. The Board may decide to approve the request, approve a modified request or deny the request.

Step 5.  Continuing approval for priority scheduling is not guaranteed. Sponsoring organizations will submit updated information, a confirmation of continuing need and date(s) of event(s) annually. Sponsoring organizations that do not request dates for two consecutive years will lose their approval and must re-submit their application the following year.