Event Locations

NOTE: Student organizations must reserve on-campus and off-campus locations AND submit event requests through the Hub - these are two separate steps that MUST be followed to host an event on-campus and off-campus. 

Miami University and the City of Oxford offer a range of locations for various events sponsored by student organizations. When submitting an event request through the Hub, student organizations can also upload flyers to advertise their event on the Hub's calendar. Events that may require insurance will be reviewed by the University's Business Services staff - they will determine if the event will have coverage through the University's blanket policy or will need separate/additional coverage (a comment will be posted in the Hub regardng insurance coverage during the event approval process). 

REMINDER: Once a reservation for a location has been initiated, be sure to submit an event request through the Hub. 

On-Campus Locations

Off-Campus Locations

Student organizations must be registered on the Hub to sponsor an off-campus event. Off-campus events are coordinated through Enjoy Oxford (City of Oxford permits information). Be sure to submit off-campus events through the Hub for final approval.