About Student Life

Student Life at Miami University serves the university community - students, parents, faculty, staff, and visitors - through our 14 departments. We support and engage students in all aspects of their life outside of the classroom.

Our core purpose is to prepare students for a life of engaged and ethical citizenship and leadership through experiential student development and learning.

Divisional Strategic Commitments

To help us support and advance the mission and goals of the University, we have developed a set of priorities to guide our daily work.

Community and belonging

Every student will feel a sense of belonging at Miami and will create meaningful connections in the Miami and Oxford communities. 

Diversity and inclusion

All students will experience a welcoming and inclusive environment at Miami where they will learn, grow, and become engaged global citizens. 

Student transitions

Students will successfully navigate the social and academic transitions into Miami and become independent and engaged members of the local community and beyond. 

Academic support

Students will access the support and resources they need in order to focus and succeed in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Health and wellness

Students will make decisions and seek out resources to optimize their holistic health and well-being, developing lifelong self-care and self-advocacy strategies.

Engagement and leadership

Students will pursue campus opportunities to extend their learning environment, build the skills and capacity to be leaders, and graduate from Miami career ready.