Student Well-Being and Classroom Safety

The information below was provided as part of a letter to Faculty and Staff from the Dean of Students Kimberly Moore and John McCandless, Chief of Miami University Police Department (MUPD) in August 2018. Dean Moore and Chief McCandless serve as co-chairs for the Institutional Response Team. Please use this page as a reference guide to the services and resources offered by the University in case you have a concern about a student or in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Campus Safety and Wellness Reminder

Welcome back to campus for the fall 2018 semester. We are writing to provide you with a quick and easy reference guide to services offered by the Dean of Students Office and University resources available to you in case you have a concern about a student or in the unlikely event of an emergency.

For all emergency situations always call 911

Support for Students of Concern

Students in distress:

For urgent situations, including concerns about a missing student, call MUPD (513-529-2222)

*When in doubt, call MUPD (513-529-2222)

Classroom disruptions:

*When in doubt, call MUPD (513-529-2222)

Campus emergencies:

To receive text messages about emergencies on or near campus, sign up for the Miami Emergency Notification System. Emails are already in the system.

Support for Student Illnesses and Absences

Faculty Notifications:

The Dean of Students Office does not excuse student absences from class. However, our office can verify absences and will notify faculty in cases where a student is hospitalized or experiences a death in the immediate family (grandparent, parent or sibling). Notices about ill students will be distributed by the Student Health Services if it determines a notification is warranted (513-529-3000).

Student personal emergencies:

The Dean of Students Office recognizes that students will occasionally face personal crises (other than hospitalization or a family member’s death) that may result in class absences.  Our office does not attempt to verify the details of these personal emergencies and generally does not send out faculty notifications in these situations.  Instead, we encourage students to work directly with their instructors, as we trust the expert judgment of Miami faculty to make any warranted exceptions.

Other Useful Information/Links