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[En]Lightening Talks 2024

Heritage Room, Shriver Center, 10:45-11:00am 

Bridging Continents: Why does the United States care about Russian Influence abroad?

Anastasija Mladenovska, Political Science, Finance, Philosophy and Law Major

Education About Environmental Issues Using an Adaptable Board Game Activity

Logan C. Murray, Public Administration Major

Sustainable Materials for Water Treatment

Clayton Hensley, Chemical Engineering Major

Effect of Reduced NOS Expression on Insects Behavior

Madison Slosier, Biology and French Major
Hope Keane, Philosophy and Biology Major

 Effects of Invasive Amur Honeysuckle on Spring Wildflowers

Cole Bewick, Botany and Geographic Information Science Major

Outlaw Operators, Then and Now: How Coal Barons Enable the Black Lung Crisis in Central Appalachia

Meredith Perkins, English Creative Writing and Diplomacy and Global Politics Major

Arts Advocacy Abroad: A Cultural Policy Comparison Between the United States and Central Europe

Caroline Laird, Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Major

Representation in Research: Examining Malnutrition in Addiction Studies

August Ogunnowo, Biology, Neuroscience and Premedical Studies Major

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