Board of Trustees

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Meeting Minutes Archive

The following dates reflect meeting minutes* of the Board of Trustees.





  • December 7 (PDF 2.2MB)
  • December 6 Academic/Student Affairs Committee (PDF 9.7MB)  
    December 6 Finance and Audit Committee (PDF 13.1MB) 
  • September 21 (PDF 1.7MB)
  • September 20 Academic/Student Affairs Committee (PDF 10.5MB) 
    September 20 Finance and Audit Committee (PDF 6.2MB) 
  • June 22 (PDF 5MB)
  • June 21 Academic/Student Affairs Committee (PDF 7.4MB) 
    June 21 Finance and Audit Committee (PDF 7.9MB) 
  • April 27 (PDF 3.2MB)
  • April 26 Academic/Student Affairs Committee (PDF 14.6MB)
    April 26 Finance and Audit Committee (PDF 6.9MB) 
  • February 3 (PDF 3.3MB)
  • February 2 Academic/Student Affairs Committee (PDF 6.3MB)  
    February 2 Finance and Audit Committee (PDF 6.7MB) 
  • January 6 Finance and Audit Committee (PDF 922KB) 





* Documents in accessible format are available upon request.

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Regulations of the Board of Trustees
As Miami University's governing body, the Board of Trustees has adopted these regulations to direct its organization and to guide the actions necessary for the University's successful and continuous operation.
Board of Trustees Regulations