Jon P. Costanzo

Adjunct Professor; Senior Research Scholar

142 Pearson Hall  (513) 529-3173

Biographical Information

Jon Costanzo's research explores the physiological ecology of ectothermic animals inhabiting harsh environments, with primary focus on the overwintering biology of temperate-zone amphibians and reptiles. Costanzo uses field and laboratory approaches to investigate the hibernation physiology and ecology of cold-hardy frogs and turtles. Supported by the National Science Foundation, these studies focus on the roles of supercooling and freeze tolerance in winter survival, physiological aspects of cold hardening, and interactions between the animal and the winter microenvironment.  Costanzo is a full-time researcher who is strongly committed to training undergraduate and graduate students.

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Recent Publications

Muir TM, Dishong BD, Lee RE, Costanzo JP (2013) Energy use and management of energy reserves in hatchling turtles (Chrysemys picta) exposed to variable winter conditions. Journal of Thermal Biology 38:324-330

Rosendale AJ, Lee RE, Costanzo JP (2012) Seasonal variation and response to osmotic challenge in urea transporter expression in the dehydration- and freeze-tolerant wood frog, Rana sylvatica. Journal of Experimental Zoology 317A:401-409

Costanzo JP, Lee RE (2013) Commentary: Avoidance and tolerance of freezing in ectothermic vertebrates. Journal of Experimental Biology 216:1961-1967

Costanzo JP, do Amaral MC, Rosendale AJ, Lee RE (2013) Hibernation physiology, freezing adaptation, and extreme freeze tolerance in a northern population of wood frog. Journal of Experimental Biology 216:3461-3473

Costanzo JP (2012) Extreme cold hardiness in ectotherms. Nature Education Knowledge 3:1-10