Students building birdhouses

About the College

The departments of the College of Education, Health and Society are housed in McGuffey Hall and Phillips Hall on Miami's beautiful Oxford campus. With program offerings in all areas influencing education, health, and society, we encourage students to become global citizens by keeping our core values at the heart of all we do.

Core Values

The integrated human experience: Education, Health, Society
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Building Community
  • Cultivating Collaboration
  • Thinking Critically
  • Advancing Social Change that Encourages Social Justice
  • Fostering a Global Perspective
  • Creating Knowledge
  • Promoting Well-Being
  • Working Across Disciplines

EHS 2020 Plan

The unifying goal of the Miami 2020 Plan is to "promote a vibrant learning and discovery environment that produces extraordinary student and scholarly outcomes." This ambitious goal is supported by the following three foundational goals:

  • Ensure vitality and sustainability by building a forward-looking, efficient and caring culture that stimulates, recognizes and rewards creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and exemplary performance.
  • Promote a diverse culture of inclusion, integrity and collaboration that deepens understanding and embraces intercultural and global experiences.
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and applied and service-oriented projects that strengthen our local, state, national and world communities.

The EHS 2020 plan supports these goals.