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Greater Miami Valley Joint MASW Program

Students accepted in the Advanced Standing program (deadline January 15th) will start in the Summer semester

Students accepted in the Traditional MASW program (deadline February 15th) will start in the Fall semester

Part Time Program

The Greater Miami Valley Joint MASW between Miami University of Ohio and Wright State University accepted its first students in Fall 2012. This program was approved by the Ohio Board of Regents in Spring 2012. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) approved the program for candidacy in Fall, 2012. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

This fact sheet answers the most common questions being asked about this joint MASW program. You may also contact Dr. Anne Roma at or 513-529-8519, with any further questions or to schedule an appointment.

What is the mission of this program?

To prepare students to become advanced generalist social work professionals. Graduates will be lifelong learners and leaders. They will contribute to the social work profession through advanced generalist practice. Such practice emphasizes effective practice and policy skill development to promote diversity and cultural competency, social and economic justice, reduce oppression, and improve the broader human condition.

What can I do with a MASW?

Persons graduating with a MASW are eligible to become Licensed Social Workers (LSW) and Licensed Independent Social Workers (LISW) in the state of Ohio ( The scope of practice includes applying advanced generalist knowledge, skills, and values in direct practice with clients as well as administration. We also prepare students to engage in advocacy across different social service settings working with persons across the lifespan. The largest organizations for social workers is the National Association of Social Workers:,, and the Social Welfare Action Alliance. Please reference for general information about social work.

If I graduate from this program am I eligible for social work licensure?

Yes. All graduates from this program will be eligible to take the required exam to apply to become a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). The state licensure law states that persons who complete an accredited social work graduate program or a graduate social work program in candidacy are also eligible to apply to become a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW). Persons must also receive two years of post-graduate supervision from an LISW and pass the advanced social work exam in order to become a LISW in Ohio.

How do I apply?

All persons applying to the Greater Miami Valley Joint MASW will apply directly to the Graduate School at Miami University. You will need to complete the application, including three letters of reference, academic transcripts, and a personal goals and accomplishments statement. Please follow the instructions on the MU Graduate School web pages to complete. You can monitor the progress of your references and upload documents here.

Professional Reference Letters

Three letters of reference should be completed by individuals familiar with your professional and academic experiences, such as previous professors, previous or current employers, co-workers, or others who are knowledgeable about your goals, academic accomplishments and professional experiences relating to social work. You can send electronic reminders to those completing letters by going here.  

The letters of reference should include:

  • An evaluation of the applicant’s experiences and accomplishments relevant to her/his academic and professional career, and especially the field of social work.
  • An assessment of the applicant’s motivation and potential for graduate study in and commitment to social work.
  • A statement about any other information that might be helpful in determining the applicant’s success in graduate work, including experience with or knowledge of social work research.

Personal Goals and Accomplishments Statement

  • This statement is part of the application materials and will be reviewed by the MASW Graduate Committee.
  • This statement should be 1250 to 1500 words in length and should include:
    • A discussion of why you are interested in obtaining a MASW degree.
    • A description of your academic background, employment, volunteer activities and other accomplishments related to social work.
    • An explanation of how the MASW program will help you achieve your professional goals.

Your personal statement should be uploaded to your student portal.

What the Graduate School Will Do

The MASW Graduate Committee will evaluate your application once your application is complete. Only then will we make a recommendation to MU’s Graduate School regarding an applicant’s admission. Decisions and official notices of admission will come via email from MU’S Graduate School. Please check your spam folder for this information.

The MASW Graduate Committee will consider the following in admission decisions:

  1. Overall GPA;
    • Minimum of 2.75 is expected for the 2-Year Full-Time and Part-Time programs
    • Minimum of 3.25 is expected for the Advanced Standing program
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in Social Work or Behavioral Science courses
  2. Previous academic work in social work or related areas;
  3. Potential to successfully complete graduate work;
  4. Commitment to the social work profession; and
  5. Congruency between applicant’s professional goals as well as our program’s teaching and research emphases.

When do I apply?

Applications for the regular (full-time or part-time) program are due on February 15 and applications for the accelerated (Advanced Standing) MASW program for eligible students are due January 15.

When would I start?

Students accepted into the accelerate (Advanced Standing) program will start in the Summer semester. Students in the regular MASW program will start in the Fall semester.

Isn’t it more expensive to attend Miami University?

Miami University has agreed to charge the same tuition rate as WSU for the MASW program.

From which university will I be graduating?

Both universities will be listed on the diploma.

Where will I take classes?

All courses were taught at the Miami University Middletown campus.

What time of day will the classes be taught?

Classes are typically taught in the late afternoon and evening, Mondays through Thursdays.

What are the Admissions requirements?

In order to be admitted to the Greater Miami Valley Joint MASW, applicants must provide transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to verify the following:

1. a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university;

2. a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 (based on a 4.0 system) from all colleges and universities attended to ensure regular graduate status;

3. a minimum GPA of 3.0 in social work or behavioral science courses.

4. completion of the following behavioral science coursework:

a. at least one course in psychology, sociology, or anthropology;

b. at least one course in American history, American government, or economics;

c. at least one course in human biology; and

d. at least one course in statistics.

What are the requirements for the advanced standing MSW program for BSW graduates?

Requirements for the Advanced Standing Program are:

1. meet all the admission requirements of the Regular MASW Program;

2. have received within the last 5 years before applying, a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a CSWE accredited program OR hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree recognized through the CSWE Recognition and Evaluation service OR hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree covered under a memorandum of understanding with international social work accreditors;

3. have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 on all previous undergraduate academic work attempted. Students must also have a 3.25 or better in all required undergraduate social work courses;

4. have documentation of positive performance in field practicum from the undergraduate field instructor or social work employer.

Will there be a full-time program?

Yes, courses in this program can be taken in two years. See the Full-time program for further information.

What are the required courses?

Course Requirements

What are the field education requirements?

Students will complete 900 hours of field education across three different semesters for full time student. Advanced Standing students must complete 600 hours over two semesters.

Where can I get more information about this proposed program?

Miami University students can contact Dr. Anne Roma, Co-Director MASW Program at 513-529-8519 or

Are there funding opportunities for graduate students available either through Miami University or the Family Science and Social Work Department?  

Yes, there are a variety of Awards and Recognition available too all graduate students at Miami university. For further information, please see MU's graduate school website here. To obtain an application for a Graduate Assistantship in the Department of Family Science and Social Work, email