Grievance Procedures

Professor at equation-covered board in a mathematics class
Professor Coates talks to students in a MUM classroom
 Students and Scripps professor work together in small group, CAS

While Student Disability Services (SDS) works diligently to coordinate the most appropriate accommodations possible in a timely manner, clients have every right to file a grievance. If a student feels that an instructor, staff person, SDS coordinator, or even another student has violated their rights, they are encouraged to meet with the Director of SDS to engage in an interactive process to seek resolution.

If a resolution is not found at this level, or if the complaint is against the Director of SDS, the individual may seek resolution by contacting the Section 504/ADA Coordinator within the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity per the Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination.

Ms. Kenya Ash, Director, Title IX Coordinator, and Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity
Hanna House

(513) 529-7157