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Transferring Credit

Miami University recognizes a variety of transferable credits, including those from other institutions as well as exam credit. Typically, if you completed a class at a regionally accredited institution and earned a passing grade, it will count for transfer credit. Our transfer credit policy can be found in our General Bulletin. The types of transfer credits, and the process of transferring them, is explained below.

Transferring Credits to Miami

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Fast-Tracking Your Degree

If you have completed 30 semester hours or more of college-level work prior to enrolling at Miami, you may be able to earn your baccalaureate degree in three years through one of our three-year degree pathways.  

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Taking Advantage of Reverse Transfer

Miami University is an active partner in reverse transfer initiatives, whereby a student who earned credits that satisfied residency requirements at a public community college in Ohio, did not earn their associate degree, and subsequently transferred to Miami University, can be awarded an associate degree.  Read more about the Credit When It’s Due initiative.

Submitting a Miami Plan petition for transfer credit

General Education 

Did you take a general education course at your prior institution that you think might be equivalent to a general education course or requirement at Miami?  Miami’s general education program is called the Miami Plan. A Miami Plan Petition can be submitted to receive credit for transfer coursework.

Other Courses

You may appeal a transfer credit evaluation by submitting a Transfer Appeal Form to the Office of the University Registrar. The Office of the University Registrar will work with the appropriate academic division/department to review and consider the appeal and will notify the student of the appeal decision.
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Prior Learning Experiences

Have you had life, military or work experiences where you may have gained college level learning outcomes? Miami University has some opportunities (known as Prior Learning Assessment or PLA) that will allow you to apply for college credit for learning gained outside of academia.

PLA is a means of evaluating what a student already knows at the college-level derived from these experiences by providing supporting documentation, submission of materials. This could be learning acquired through:

Contact our Offices

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