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Need an expert to speak to your class or build a panel for an event or maybe even alumni who might offer internships or are willing to mentor students? Miami’s 220,000 alumni have so much to offer the university and its students. Many times, they want to and just do not know how.

MUAA has extensive resources and methods to help identify and/or locate interested alumni who can best support our campus partner needs. Some potential methods are:

Alumni email invites (filterable by major, location, etc.) are used for targeting. A request to send out an email to a group of Miami alumni to solicit involvement can be made on the Alumni Broadcast Email Form.

Professional social media searches are used to update employment information of graduates from specific programs or find people in certain professions. Searches can be effectively accomplished in two ways, depending on the specific need.

  • Need to identify details on a specific alum or a list of alumni in a certain region or industry? Use LinkedIn and LinkedIn’s advanced search functionality to find Miamians by company, job title, geography, sector or other professional affiliation. The search will sift through over 145,000 Miami alumni on LinkedIn and identify the those that match your search, giving you the option to connect directly or via a MUAA email invite. Email J.J. Slager at for help with professional social media.

  • Need to identify a specific expertise? Start with Miami Alumni Connect. Miami’s own mentorship and career platform is already populated by over 3,000 alumni registrants, many whom have noted their willingness to engage with faculty and students. Faculty, staff and friends of Miami are all welcome to register. Once registered, simply click on “NETWORK” to search and connect.

Need more assistance? Complete the Alumni Engagement Form.

Alumni Engagement Form