Presentation - Barriers to Engage Low-Skilled Adults in Educational Opportunities: A Global Perspective

November 4, 2020


  • Abigail Helsinger
  • Nytasia Hicks
  • Meghan Young
  • Oksana Dikhtyar
  • Phyllis Cummins
  • Takashi Yamashita

As outlined in this presentation, providing more support and opportunities for formal, non-formal, and informal learning can enhance continuing education and training participation of low-skilled older workers across nations.


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Suggested citation: 
Helsinger, A., Hicks, N., Young, M., Dikhtyar, O., Cummins, P., Yamashita, T. (2020, November). Barriers to engage low-skilled adults in educational opportunities: A global perspective. Presented at the Gerontological Society of America’s annual conference (virtual).


  • Case Studies/ Qualitative Research
  • Education
  • Global Aging
  • Presentations