Conducting virtual qualitative interviews with international key informants: Insights from a research project

September 15, 2021


  • Nytasia Hicks
  • Roberto J. Millar
  • Laura M. Girling
  • Phyllis A. Cummins
  • Takashi Yamashita

In this study, a focus group of five researchers, who were involved in a large international research project, identified effective strategies and challenges associated with five key domains of qualitative research with key informants: identification, recruitment, preparation, conducting the interview, and follow-up. Content analysis revealed nuanced tactics related to effective strategies and challenges associated with each domain. Examples of effective strategies included interview preparation to understand the specific expertise of the interviewee and allowing the informant to offer additional information beyond the questions asked. Challenges included technical difficulties with virtual platforms and scheduling interviews in multiple time zones. These findings provide practical guidelines for researchers conducting virtual interviews with international key informants.

The Qualitative Report, 26(9), 2857-2871. doi: 10.46743/2160-3715/2021.4909

Publication available online, subscription may be required.


  • Case Studies/ Qualitative Research